Choosing a cold storage printer solution

Armagard cold storage printer solution

An Armagard stainless steel printer enclosure protects your printer from harsh enviornments.

How does a cold storage printer work at -30°C without freezing?

Freezing work environments can cause difficulties with computer equipment. Many of the tools and items of equipment we rely on become useless in freezing temperatures.

That’s why finding a cold storage printer solution is essential for applications and locations such as food manufacturing, cold warehouses, and pharmaceutical labs.

Printers don’t work in freezing temperatures. Because many industries rely on printers, this has a huge impact on the way businesses operate.

For printers to work in freezing temperatures, companies need specialist equipment, such as a cold storage printer or a heated printer enclosure.

Why is printing a problem in freezing temperatures?

Printers simply won’t work in freezing temperatures. The main issue is because the printer’s electronics fail, but the ink inside the printer can also freeze, making printing impossible.

If an unprotected printer is subject to freezing temperatures, it will likely sustain long lasting damage. This can be very expensive to repair, especially if certain parts of the printer need to be replaced, such as the print head.

Some companies overcome these issues by placing the printer outside of the freezing conditions. This isn’t sustainable, as most staff need the printer nearby.

The time taken for staff to collect printouts from outside the freezing area adds up. Considering the number of times they will have to do this, moving your printer to another location isn’t a viable option.

Armagard cold storage printer solution

An Armagard printer enclosure is ideal for food manufaturing, cold warehouses, and pharmaceutical labs.

A cold storage printer solution?

Another solution needs to be found that will enable the printer to work in freezing temperatures.

Cold printers are an option, but they are expensive. There are also limited options available, so you might have to compromise on the printer’s functionality.

Thankfully, there is a way to make your printer work in freezing conditions. Armagard’s SPRI-800 heated printer enclosure can protect any printer from freezing temperatures.

The SPRI-800 is a printer enclosure that is designed to work in freezing temperatures. It enables companies to work and print effectively, improving the work environment and reducing downtime.

The printer enclosure is effective down to -30°C (-22°F). This means your printer can continue to function in freezing temperatures.

The enclosure is heated and fitted with insulation. This means the area inside the enclosure remains at a safe operating temperature.

What are the benefits of having a stainless steel printer enclosure?

The primary aim of the SPRI-800 is to keep printers working in challenging environments. However, it also has features that ensure staff productivity remains high.

For example, the enclosure is designed to enable easy access to printed documents. This can be done without having to open the whole enclosure.

This means the printer can be used in the exact same way as it would outside of freezing environments. It also means the printer itself is never exposed to freezing temperatures.

The enclosure also offers easy access in the event of an error. The SPRI-800 unit can be easily disconnected and is light enough to be taken out of the freezing environment.

Once this has been done, it is safe to open the enclosure.

Because the enclosure can be easily opened, it is simple to replace paper and ink without any difficulty. This means you won’t need an engineer for the simple work.

The SPRI-800 enclosure can be used with a wide range of printers. This means you can upgrade and replace the printer inside without having to change the enclosure.

Why choose Armagard?

Armagard has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing printer enclosures. This guarantees that a quality solution will be provided.

The company even uses its own deep freeze testing facility. It can simulate temperatures ranging from -30°C to 75°C. Using this facility, Armagard ensures that each of its products is of the highest possible quality.