Heated printer enclosure protects your printer in cold environments

Heated printer enclosure [SPRI-800-UK]

The heated printer enclosure allows you to use a printer in temperatures down to -30°C. The printer enclosure has an IP65 rating and is made from food-grade stainless steel. The printer is protected from liquid, dust, impact and theft. You can easily wash the cabinet. The printer enclosure is ideal for supermarkets, food distributors and cold rooms.

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The heated printer enclosure: reliable in cold environments

The Armagard heated printer enclosure is used by food manufacturers across Europe. The enclosure has two compartments, one for a printer and one for materials. Both compartments have a thermostat to maintain a stable temperature. The printer compartment also features an alarm to alert you if the temperature is too hot or cold, or if the door is left open.

As a result, the Armagard enclosure allows you to benefit from the full functionality of a printer in cold environments. The printer enclosure offers improved efficiency, and greater convenience and productivity for your employees.

Heated printer enclosure: cost-effective and user-friendly

The enclosure ensures that the printer has a long life. Internal fans maintain ventilation, and surge protection shields the printer from electrical spikes. The printer will operate with reduced breakdowns, and low repair costs. The enclosure itself will last for many years, so offers an excellent return on investment.

The heated enclosure is easy to use. The enclosure comes fully assembled, so you can begin using it straight away. You can put most models of printer inside the enclosure, which allows you to save time and money by using a printer you already own.

A paper access door allows you to get print-outs quickly and easily, which maintains productivity, and ensures that the printer is always protected from the cold.

The printer enclosure is ideal for the following environments:

  • Cold rooms
  • Deep freeze areas
  • Food manufacture
  • Laboratory applications
  • Medical applications
  • Pharmaceutical applications

Technical specifications of the heated printer enclosure

  • Size (mm): 1055 high × 712 wide × 879 deep
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Mounting: floor
  • IP rating: IP65
  • Product code: SPRI-800-UK

Features and benefits of the heated printer enclosure

Features Benefits

Internal thermostats

Thermostats maintain a stable temperature, which ensures that the printer has a long life with reduced breakdowns.

Temperature alarm

An alarm alerts you if the cabinet door has been left open, so your printer stays protected.

Fits most printers

You can purchase the best printer for your needs or save money by using a printer you already have.

IP65 rating

You can wash the enclosure to keep your manufacturing area clean.

Surge protection

Protects the printer from electrical spikes, which prevents breakdown and expensive repairs.

Filter fan

A filter fan provides ventilation, so that the printer operates reliably and has a long life.

Paper access door

A paper access door allows you to easily access printed labels or paper. The door closes automatically so that the temperature remains constant.

Armagard guarantees:

  • 5 year warranty of all mechanical parts
  • Fast delivery
  • Informed and helpful staff
  • High quality engineering
  • Over 14 years of industry experience
  • Ongoing customer service

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