Flat screen TV enclosure

Flat screen TV enclosure  byArmagard

Flat screen TV enclosure in Cinemas.

Flat screen TVs have dropped in price. When plasma and LCD screens emerged on the market, they were expensive, large, and worth thousands of dollars. A decent size TV will now cost a few hundred dollars. As a result, flat screen TVs are widely used for different applications, such as: information screens at airports or train stations, advertisement screens in shopping malls and stores, etc.

In fact, multiple screens are used in a digital signage or information network, which is why flat screen TV enclosures are required to protect your screen.


Digital signage screens are built to last longer, so they are a tempting target for thieves. Any screens in public areas, therefore, need protection against theft.

A flat screen TV enclosure can be securely mounted to the walls, ceiling or floor. This provides a permanent platform for the TV screen, ensuring the enclosure cannot be moved or stolen.


Another important aspect of protection that needs to be considered is vandalism or accidents. LCD and plasma TVs are incredibly vulnerable to physical force.

The enclosure provides a barrier that protects the screen. The enclosure is made from steel, so can withstand extreme impacts. The screen face is protected by shatterproof polymers that will not crack or smash if the screen is attacked.


Lastly, it is important for digital signage and information screens to be protected from tampering. Tampering can cause two main issues:

  • Firstly: somebody could injure themselves while tampering with the screen in public areas, making you liable for the injury caused
  • Secondly: by gaining access to the media player somebody could upload unpleasant content on the screens, damaging your reputation

A flat screen TV enclosure has secure locks that prevent any tampering with internal AV equipment.

The TV enclosure provides complete security and protection for your flat screen TV. Meaning you can install your digital signage or information screen in an unsupervised public area with ease and without any fear of theft, vandalism, or tampering.