Outdoor TV Enclosure - Weather, Vandal and Theft Proof for your TV outdoor needs

Outdoor TV Enclosure [PDS-series-UK]

Why Buy An Outdoor TV Enclosure? 3 Key Incentives...

  • VERSATILE - Great for personal or commercial use.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE – Attractively priced, compared to dedicated outdoor TV costs.
  • DURABLE – Provides up to 10 years outdoor TV protection.

Everything needed for outdoor TV protection is provided by this TV enclosure. It’s attractive, robust, designed to safeguard against the weather, vandalism and theft makes this one of the most secure outdoor TV enclosure on the market available to you. ideal for having TV outdoors, so you can entertain. Own a pub or bar chain? The outdoor TV enclosure is perfect for outdoor patios.

At a glance:

Size (HxWxD)mm: 42", 47", 52" 55" Material: Powder Coated Mild Steel Screen Size: up to 55" Mounting: Wall or stand IP rating: IP54 Product Code: PDS-series-uk

Unique Features of the Full Outdoor TV enclosure

The Outdoor TV enclosure can come either as a semi-outdoor or full-outdoor enclosure. For complete protection we recommend a full-outdoor unit, which features:

  • Dual security locks (for added protection against theft)
  • The unique Plenum Chambers (advanced technology designed to prevent overheating)
  • An internal heating system (installed to prevent freezing)
  • An anti-reflective polycarbonate viewing window (10 times stronger than glass)

What Sizes Are Available?

As standard, you can choose from a 42", 47", 52" or 55" outdoor TV enclosure. Each unit is equipped with a variety of features, additional features can be added upon request. You can also choose to buy enclosures with or without a TV screen.

How Much Does It Cost?

Every location is unique and your unit will require certain features to suit that environment. Therefore, we encourage you to call us. You may be entitled to a discount if Buying in bulk? (please note: minimum order applies). 

How Long Does It Take To Build & Deliver?

This depends on the features that need to be fitted to your unit, for example, does it need an air-conditioning or heating system? these factors can affect build time. On a tight deadline? Contact us and we'll try and help with delivery time estimates.

Outdoor TV Enclosure – Benefits Checklist

Money Saving Benefits

  • Protects almost any conventional TV. Avoid repair/replacement costs.
  • Less expensive solution than a dedicated outdoor TV.

Practical Benefits

  • IP54, industry rated protection against dust, dirt, liquid ingress & forceful impacts.
  • Low maintenance. No need for lengthy cleaning processes.
  • Simple to install, easily accessible.
  • Wall or stand mountable.
  • Protects the warranty of your TV.

Bonus Benefit

  • Custom-build service available.

After Sales Benefits

  • Delivered fully assembled, ready for installation.
  • 5 year warranty covering all mechanical parts.
  • 1 year warranty covering all electrical components.
  • Product support forum available.

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