Introduction to Armagard products

armagard enclosures

Armagard Outdoor Digital Signage Enclosures as used by French Cinema Chain, CGR.

If you’ve had a browse of Armagard’s products on, you’re probably wondering what they’re used for. Armagard specialise in the self-design and self-manufacture of environmental enclosures used in industrial facilities and across the digital signage industry.

Protecting PCs, printers and screens is our forte, providing our customers with cost-effective, flexible solutions that offer good value for money. The company started out developing industrial enclosures, before entering the digital signage market in the noughties.

Who uses Armagard enclosures?

The industrial range is widely used by customers requiring protection for PCs, printers and screens used in harsh environments, mainly to prevent damage from threats such as dust and heat.

Meanwhile, the stainless steel range is popular among the food manufacturing sector because of the anti-bacterial properties of the food grade (316) stainless steel used to build the units. The stainless range is also completely waterproof, enabling end-users to clean them with high-powered jets of water.

The Armagard digital signage range offers a selection of versatile systems, giving end-users the option of setting up a digital signage network indoors or outside, safe in the knowledge that they’re protected from theft, acts of vandalism and environmental threats. The outdoor range is entirely weatherproof, ensuring that outdoor displays can function in all seasons.

Armagard’s digital signage systems can be used in portrait or landscape orientation, with systems starting from 24” and scaling up to 75”.

When it comes to protecting PCs, printers and screens, you’re in safe hands. Armagard protects £5 billion worth of equipment worldwide and all units come with a 5-year guarantee for mechanical parts and a 12-month warranty for electrical components.

As a business, Armagard has been in operation for more than 20 years and we’ve helped many household names co-ordinate projects to ensure crucial equipment is protected for years to come.