How to protect your outdoor digital advertising during winter

Armagard outdoor digital advertising

It's essential that you protect your outdoor digital advertising during winter.

Are you worried about how winter weather affects your outdoor digital advertising? Armagard has the solution. Read on for the essential tips.

Temperatures are reaching record lows every year, and will continue to do so for years to come. These conditions have a huge effect on outdoor digital advertising displays, which is an issue for companies that invest large sums of money into outdoor displays.

Visual issues

During winter, the days become shorter, and the brightness of outdoor signage is vitally important. However, it’s estimated that outdoor LCD screens lose between 10 and 15 percent brightness in cold conditions. This greatly reduces the chances of your outdoor screen being seen.

Even during the winter daytime, the glaring sun can cause problems with an LCD screen. Glare issues can greatly reduce visibility. Solar Clearing can also occur, and can result in overheating of the LCD screen crystals. This can cause black patches on the screen, and can damage the display and reduce its operating life.

Overcoming visual issues

The easiest way to overcome the visual issues caused by harsh winter conditions is by using a ‘high brightness’, LED unit. These provide clearer images in both the dark and daylight, greatly enhancing the visibility.

High brightness screens utilize LED technology, which is a much more technically advanced, cost-effective alternative to standard LCD screens. LCD screens use fluorescent light technology, which generate a lot of heat and require more power. High brightness units require less power to operate and generate less heat.

LED screens also feature greater Candela values than standard LCD screens. Candela represents the power emitted by a light source in a certain direction. This reduces the effect that glare from sunlight has on the display.

During winter, when direct sunlight negatively impacts the visuals, an LED screen is essential.

Armagard outdoor digital advertising

Armagrd outdoor digital advertising enclosures in use.

Weather issues

The winter months bring with them unpredictable weather, which can be a huge issue for outdoor digital signage. It can affect the units internally and externally.

Examples of how outdoor digital displays can be affected internally are:

  • Vital components freezing
  • Water leaking into the unit after snow or ice melts

Examples of how outdoor digital displays can be affected externally are:

  • Freezing temperatures can cause hazardous road conditions. Outdoor displays positioned near roads can suffer heavy blows from vehicles driving through the snow and ice
  • Ice, snow, and hail can damage the screen

Overcoming weather issues

Outdoor digital signage can be protected from harsh weather conditions by using an enclosure. Digital signage enclosures can be manufactured to withstand the winter conditions.

Examples of Armagard digital signage enclosures for winter protection are:

  1. External protection

Most outdoor digital signage enclosures are manufactured to withstand ice. Special sealants are used to prevent water leaking into the unit from ice and snow.

  1. Internal protection

Outdoor digital signage enclosures can be equipped with insulation and heating systems. This protects the unit against the effects of freezing whilst maintaining its functionality. It also means it can sustain extremely low temperatures whilst still operating.

Armagard outdoor digital advertising

An Armagard enclosure protects your outdoor digital advertising.

Armagard digital signage enclosures

If you own an outdoor digital advertising display and are worried about protecting it from harsh weather conditions, Armagard has the solution.

Armagard digital signage enclosures provide protection against weather conditions such as snow and ice. They also protect your outdoor digital signage from environmental and human threats, such as vandalism and theft.

The range of Armagard enclosures include:

  1. The ‘Totem’ LCD screen enclosure

The ‘Totem’ outdoor enclosure can be used in a wide range of outdoor locations, including transport stations, university campuses, drive-thrus, and at the roadside. It has a stylish design, and provides a modern solution to your outdoor digital signage problems.

       2.LCD screen monitor enclosure

The LCD screen monitor enclosure is designed to protect screens ranging from 19 inches to 75 inches. It can provide protection in temperatures as low as -30°C. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor locations in which freezing temperatures can damage the unit.

Contact Armagard to protect your outdoor digital display now.