Outdoor television cabinets | All weather protection

An Armagard outdoor television cabinet

An outdoor television cabinet provides protection from water, dust, extreme temperatures and physical impact.

It is increasingly common to use TVs outside for digital signage, public information or garden entertainment. However, a digital screen that is used outdoors needs to be protected from the weather. The problem is that different locations have different types of weather.

In locations which are wet and cold, the screen needs protection from moisture and frost. In hot and dry locations, the screen needs to be kept cool and sealed against dust. In some locations, the weather can change drastically at different times of year. An outdoor TV must work reliably in all conditions.

An outdoor television cabinet is the ideal solution for almost any location.


An outdoor television cabinet protects the enclosed TV from bad weather. Rain, snow and hail can irreparably damage electrical components, so an outdoor television cabinet is sealed to stop the ingress of moisture.

Outdoor TV cabinets are built to international NEMA and IP standards to guarantee that they are suitable for use outdoors in all weather. Choose a TV enclosure which is rated to at least NEMA 4 for adequate protection.

Outdoor television cabinet environmental testing chamber

Armagard’s outdoor television cabinets are freezer tested down to -30°c.

Temperature control

IP and NEMA ratings are important, but they provide no guarantee against extreme temperatures. In hot locations, an outdoor TV can overheat, so an outdoor television cabinet must feature internal cooling systems that prevent the TV from getting too hot.

In cold regions, make sure that the TV enclosure you choose has insulation and internal heating. This maintains a minimum temperature and ensures that electrical components don’t freeze.

Of course, in some countries the temperature can change at different times of year. The advantage of an outdoor television cabinet is that it can be customised to your needs. You can choose heating, air conditioning, or both.

An open Armagard outdoor television cabinet

Armagard outdoor television cabinets fit flat screen TVs from most manufacturers.

Physical protection

As well as protection from the weather, TV cabinets provide protection from theft, vandalism and accidental damage. Physical protection is essential when using a TV outdoors, especially in unsupervised locations.

Outdoor TV cabinets are constructed from powder coated mild steel, which protects the internal TV from thieves and vandals. Also, a durable polycarbonate window protects the screen from impact.

Outdoor television cabinets provide a comprehensive solution for using a TV outside. Flat screen, indoor TVs from most manufacturers fit inside an outdoor enclosure, and you can use an enclosure to protect several TVs over many years. This makes a TV cabinet far more cost-effective than a specialist waterproof TV. Because of its long life, an outdoor TV enclosure offers an excellent return on investment.

To find out more, and choose the best TV cabinet for your needs, view the full range of Armagard products.