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Armagard outdoor TV enclosure

Armagard outdoor TV enclosures protect LCD TVs outside, at any time of the year.

Outdoor TVs are becoming more popular for businesses and homes. Many pubs, bars, and restaurants are installing them in outdoor locations to entertain customers. People are also installing outdoor TVs at home, on their patios, barbeque areas, and gardens for use during the summer months.

However, installing a TV outside comes with several problems. Water and electrical appliances don’t mix, so rain is a big issue. There is the threat of theft or vandalism, so outdoor TVs need to be kept in a safe and secure location when not in use. Varying temperatures need to be considered, as an LCD screen can be damaged if it overheats or if condensation freezes inside. There is also the threat of sunlight, which can cause glare, making the screen unwatchable and further heating the unit.

High brightness screens and anti-glare glass are just some of the solutions to overcoming these difficulties, but they don’t fix the problem of overheating.

Armagard outdoor TV enclosure

An Armagard outdoor TV enclosure ensures your screen is protected from rain, dust, overheating, and theft.

Outdoor LCD TV Enclosure

LCD enclosures offer protection for outdoor TV devices in harsh outdoor conditions. The steel TV cabinets protect the LCD TV from the weather, dust, and other elements. They also have a controlled temperature environment, meaning they prevent the LCD TV from overheating or freezing.

Outdoor LCD TV enclosures are manufactured from steel and either mounted on a wall bracket or a secure mount. This protects them from theft or vandalism.

An enclosure means there is no need to spend money on waterproof devices, as almost any LCD TV can be fitted. You’ll quickly see a return on investment, because maintenance costs will be greatly reduced, and the lifespan of the TV will greatly increase.