Touch screen enclosures help create brand awareness

touch screen enclosure by Armagard

Digital signage touch screen enclosure.

To enable interactivity, digital signage needs to incorporate touch screen technology. Touch screen devices are familiar to almost everyone. In fact, most people expect all screen devices to be interactive. It is the reason why a lot of outdoor digital signage provides touch screen technology.

Brand awareness

Audiences are more likely to remember and interact with a touch screen device. By providing a two-way communication channel, digital signage can provide for attractive advertisement and brand awareness channel.

Using touch screen technology in digital signage enables:

  • Potential customers to discover more information about products or services offered
  • A two-way communication platform that enables you to interact with customers directly
  • A modern impression of your company and brand
touch screen enclosure by Armagard

Enclosure for outdoor and indoor digital advertisements.

Touch screen technology

Even before touch screen devices became popular, the technology was used in industrial factories, as environmental hazards made it difficult to use a standard computer. However, the use of touch screen technology is now universal. This means that minimal training or instruction is required, as most people already know how to interact with these devices.

Most outdoor digital signage and smart phones use capacitive touch screen, as it is effective in variable temperatures and less prone to get affected up windblown debris. This is essential for outdoor digital signage as varying temperatures and windblown debris can easily render the touch screen unusable. Yet, even a capacitive touch screen cannot effectively protect touch screen signage.

Outdoor use

Whether digital signage is interactive or not, all outdoor digital screens require protection from the weather and physical damage. The most vulnerable part of outdoor signage is the screen, which is generally protected by glass. However, because the touch screen technology works when customers touch the screen, using a glass screen protector will not be suitable.

A different approach

Traditionally, touch screens were a single, specialised unit. However, when a capacitive layer is fitted over the glass screen, the digital signage enclosure can not only protect the LCD screen, but can also be used as a touch screen device.

This approach ensures that:

  • The screen can be protected by an outdoor enclosure.
  • It can operate as a fully functional touch screen.
  • It can be placed in any outdoor area.
touch screen enclosure by Armagard

High bright portrait enclosure.

Touch screen enclosures

Armagard’s touch screen enclosure provides a unique solution for using interactive screens in outdoor locations. It also provides protection against collisions, windblown debris, heavy blows, vandalism, and extreme temperatures.

Armagard’s touch screen enclosure is available with:

  • Single and multi-touch capabilities.
  • A wide range of sizes: 32 inches to 70 inches
  • A wide range of styles: landscape, portrait and floor standing units

IP54 protection

Armagard’s touch screen enclosures are manufactured to a European IP54 standard. This means that the enclosures can withstand all the hardships of an outdoor location.

The enclosure:

  • Is water resistant – provides protection against heavy rainfall
  • Is sealed tight – protects against dust and debris
  • Can withstand heavy blows – whether accidental or deliberate
  • Is secure – ability to be locked for protection against thieves
  • Provides protection against electrical surges


The IP54 rating on Armagard’s enclosure ensures that the touch screen digital signage enclosure can be used in any environment or location.

For instance, the touch screen enclosure can be:

  • Used in any outdoor environment as it is water resistant
  • Left unattended without any fear of theft or damage
  • Hung from a roof, mounted on a wall, or installed as a standing totem
  • Operated without experiencing any problems with visibility, even in bright sunlight
  • Operated while wearing gloves
  • Used in industrial factories, as it provides protection in dusty, dirty and wet areas
  • Operated without any risk of damage or failure
touch screen enclosure by  Armagard

Digital drive thru menu boards.


Touch screen enclosures are available in different sizes, styles and orientations. They can be used for various purposes, including:

  1. Information – Hotels and public buildings can provide information about room availability, prices, opening hours and events.
  2. Wayfinding – Transportation hubs can provide interactive timetables and route planners.
  3. Advertisement and branding – Shops and brands can advertise their products and increase their brand awareness.
  4. Self-service and order kiosks – Quick service restaurants can provide an interactive menu system for customers to see what is on offer and to place their order.

Return on investment

Armagard’s touch screen enclosure can last for more than ten years and is available with a five-year warranty. The enclosure is capable of protecting future generations of screens while providing the same level of protection and touch screen capabilities, at no additional cost. The screens can be easily replaced without disturbing the enclosure, which reduces the potential downtime. In fact, the combined cost of the enclosure and the screen is often less than customised, outdoor touch screen digital signage.

The enclosure’s longevity combined with its ability to protect future generations of screens ensures a high return on investment for your company.

Armagard has over 20 years of industry experience. All enclosures go through a rigorous testing procedure to guarantee they can operate smoothly in a variety of settings.

Aesthetically pleasing, the enclosures are modern, stylish and functional. Touch screen enclosures enable an interactive and dynamic form of communication, which increases your company’s brand awareness.

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