TV Screen Protector for Outdoor Environments

TV screen protector in a pub garden

Outdoor TV enclosures are ideal for outdoor entertainment.

Watching a TV outdoors is a great experience. Whether it’s watching your favourite TV show in the sun or enjoying live sport with a BBQ, watching TV outside is a pleasure.

The problem is that standard LCD and plasma TVs can’t cope with bad weather and changeable temperatures. Consequently, using an ordinary TV outside is risky. The TV could easily get damaged or break.

Additionally, specific waterproof TVs are very expensive, so most people think that watching TV outside is a luxury they can’t afford.

Fortunately, there is a solution that allows everyone to watch TV outside: a TV screen protector.

A TV screen protector is a strong, waterproof enclosure in which you put an ordinary television. A TV enclosure is ideal for using a TV outside for any reason:

  • Home entertainment
  • Showing sport in pub gardens
  • Public information screens
  • Outdoor advertising

A TV screen protector provides complete protection from theft, bad weather and extreme temperatures.

An outdoor TV protector from Armagard.

An outdoor TV protector keeps your screen safe from bad weather, theft and damage.

Protection from theft and damage

TV screen protectors provide a high level of security. A TV enclosure is made from mild steel and has a polycarbonate window which is ten times stronger than glass. Your TV is well protected from vandalism and accidental damage.

Importantly, TV enclosures can be locked, so the enclosed TV is protected from theft. A TV screen protector gives you complete assurance that your television is safe and secure in any location.

Protection from bad weather

TV enclosures provide complete weather protection. You can safely leave your television in the TV screen protector during rain, snow and hail. Furthermore, TV enclosures provide protection against dust and dirt.

A TV enclosure ensures that your television will have a long life with none of the problems caused by water and dust. Furthermore, because a TV screen protector lasts a long time, you can use it to protect several different TVs over many years.

Outdoor TV protector from Armagard

Outdoor TV protectors are available in a range of sizes.

Protection from extreme temperatures

Theft and rain are not the only problems facing an outdoor TV. Hot and cold temperatures cause breakdowns, too. TVs can easily overheat, which causes screen blackout or malfunction. Similarly, TV components can be permanently damaged if they freeze.

TV screen protectors use fans to move heat away from the TV and prevent it from overheating. When the temperature is cold, the fans automatically switch off to allow the heat generated by the TV to warm the enclosure.

If you are using a TV in extreme environments, then you can choose to add additional heating or air conditioning to protect your TV in all conditions.

TV enclosures accommodate televisions from most manufacturers and are available in a range of sizes. View the full range of Armagard enclosures to choose the best TV enclosure for you.