Easy-to-use scent diffuser to improve your home or office

Scent diffuser [AceAroma]

Aromatise scent diffuser for homes and offices.
Aromatise scent diffuser and Bluetooth phone app.
Aromatise scent diffuser with changeable fragrance bottle.

Fill your home or office with a premium, realistic fragrance. The plug-in scent diffuser is an easy way of making your personal space or business premises a nicer place to live and work. Choose from a range of luxury fragrances and control the diffuser via a Bluetooth app on your phone.

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Improve your home or office with a premium scent diffuser

The AceAroma scent diffuser makes fragrance diffusion easy in homes and small offices. The discreet device plugs into a wall socket and fills your space with the scent of your choice.

The scent releaser is designed to be quick to install and easy to use:

  • Bluetooth control: Easily change the timing and intensity of the scent via an Android or iOS app on your phone.
  • Socket mounted: The perfume diffuser mounts directly into a wall socket, with no cables. This makes it easy to install and ideal for areas with lots of foot-traffic.
  • Large range of fragrances: Choose the ideal fragrance for your home or business. Easily change the perfume at any time.
  • Ideal for spaces up to 100m3: Ideal for living areas and small businesses.

Choose from a wide range of premium aromas

Each Aromatise fragrance is created by a master perfumer. Choose the perfect fragrance for your living space or workplace. Fragrance collections include natural scents, food and drink, seasonal scents and more. You can also request a bespoke perfume to meet your requirements.

Aromatise has an extensive library of scents. Fill in the form below to request more information. 

AceAroma perfume diffuser technical specifications

Coverage 100m3
Colour White
Programming Bluetooth
Mounting Mains socket mounted
Size in centimetres 21 x 7 x 7
Weight 0.3 kilograms

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