Scent diffuser air freshener for offices and homes

Air freshener for office [RoomAroma]

Aromatise air freshener for office in colour gold.
The air freshener for office with changeable fragrance bottle.
Bluetooth phone app controlling the air freshener for office.

Make your business or home a nicer place to work and visit. The RoomAroma air freshener for offices is quick to install and simple to use. Install the fragrance of your choice and adjust the timing and intensity via Bluetooth. Ideal for shared workspaces and personal use.

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Luxury air freshener for office locations

By diffusing realistic and refreshing fragrances throughout your business, you can improve the environment for employees and visitors. The air freshener for offices makes it easy to fill your workplace with the fragrance of your choice:

  • Plug and play installation: Easy installation means you can begin using the office scent diffuser straight away.
  • Silent operation: The unit doesn’t disturb staff or customers.
  • Bluetooth control: Easily adjust scent timing and intensity from an Android or iOS app on your phone.
  • Stylish design: The air freshener for offices looks great in any business.
  • Minimal maintenance: The scent diffuser works reliably and effectively without regular maintenance.
  • Nebulisation technology: Ensures a consistent distribution of fragrance throughout your space.

Air freshener for office technical specifications

Coverage Up to 200m3
Colour Silver or gold
Cartridge size 100 millilitres
Programming Manual or Bluetooth
Mounting Freestanding
Size (height x body x base in centimetres)

Standard: 29 x 6.7 x 11

Tall: 92 x 7.1 x 18 base

Standard: 1.4 kilograms

Tall: 3 kilograms

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