Attract customers and boost sales with scent marketing

Scent marketing [Fragrance diffusion systems and scent machines]

Aromatise scent marketing machine on a forest background.
AceAroma scent marketing machine mounted on a wall.
TowerAroma scent marketing machine with Bluetooth control.
EasAroma scent machines in black and white.
Wall-mounted bathroom scent machine with phone control.

Attract customers and stand out from the competition with scent marketing. Use a scent air machine to fill your business with a realistic scent or fragrance. Choose from a range of diffusers for small and large spaces. Hundreds of luxury scents are available, so you can find one that perfectly represents your brand.

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Use scent marketing to improve the customer experience in your business

Scent marketing is an effective way of improving perceptions of your brand. By filling your business with the right fragrance, you can generate a sense of wellbeing or trigger memories and desires that help you attract customers and increase sales. Ideal for shops, salons, showrooms and restaurants.

Alternatively, use a scent machine to calm guests in a hotel, spa or healthcare setting. The right fragrance can also work as an air freshener, ensuring your gym, sports club or office smells fresh and inviting at all times.

Aromatise provides a complete service that helps you choose the best scent diffuser and fragrance for your business.

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Professional scent machines and luxury fragrances

Aromatise diffusers use nebulisation technology to fill your business with a consistent aroma. Choose the ideal scent machine for you:

  • For small to large spaces: From 10m3 to 5,000m3.
  • Set scent timing and intensity: Via remote control, Bluetooth or manual operation.
  • Wall mounted or freestanding: Ideal for any commercial location.
  • Standalone or through a ventilation system: Larger models can diffuse scent through heating or air conditioning vents.
  • Changeable fragrances: Easily swap the aroma at any time.

Choose from a wide range of luxury fragrances. Each scent has been created by a master perfumer. You can also work with Aromatise to create a bespoke fragrance that perfectly matches your brand.

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