Luxury scents with the hotel air freshener and diffuser

Hotel air freshener [TowerAroma]

Hotel air freshener in colour black with Bluetooth app control.
Aromatise scent machine on a forest background.

Fill your hotel lobby or lounge with a premium fragrance that guests will enjoy and remember. The hotel air freshener diffuses realistic scents into the air, creating a welcoming and attractive environment. Benefit from a stylish design, Bluetooth control and a large library of luxury fragrances. 

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Premium hotel air freshener to improve the guest experience

The TowerAroma scent machine can enhance the guest experience in your hotel. Choose evocative, relaxing or seasonal fragrances to create a luxury environment that guests will remember.

The hotel air freshener is easy to use and suitable for any hotel or venue:

  • Quick installation: The hotel scent machine comes ready to use. Simply plug it in and install the scent cartridge.
  • Freestanding design: Position the diffuser in the ideal location and move it at any time.
  • Easy operation: Bluetooth control allows you to change scent timing and intensity from an app on your phone.
  • Stylish appearance: The hotel scent diffuser has a contemporary design that looks great in any lobby or lounge area.
  • Dry nebulisation technology: Ensures a consistent diffusion of fragrance into the air.
  • Suitable for spaces up to 2,500m3: Ideal for any large hotel, venue, retail store or commercial space.

Choose the perfect fragrance for your hotel

Aromatise fragrances are created by master perfumers. Choose the ideal scent for your hotel lobby or lounge area. Fragrance collections include natural scents, food and drink, seasonal fragrances and more. You can work with the Aromatise team to design a bespoke perfume that meets your exact requirements.

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Hotel air freshener technical specifications

Coverage 2,500m3
Colour Black
Cartridge size 1 litre
Programming Bluetooth
Mounting Freestanding
Size in centimetres 66 x 15 x 15
Weight 7 kilograms

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