Leading distributor of marching band supplies for governments

BBICO [marching band supplies for governments]

British Band Instrument Company (BBICO) is a leading provider of marching band supplies for governments.

BBICO has over 30 years of experience in supplying marching bands to governments, militaries, and marching band companies. The company has supplied military bands to the Indian Government and the Kenyan Youth Orchestra.

Marching bands are used worldwide at government celebrations, ceremonial events, and parades. BBICO provides leading instrument brands to ensure the marching band is of the highest quality.

Complete your marching band with BBICO.

Marching band supplies for governments

Military band supplies are ideal for:

  • Governments
  • Militaries
  • Police
  • Navies
  • Marching band companies

BBICO works with governments and institutions worldwide to provide them the highest quality marching band equipment.

When are marching band supplies for governments used?

British bands are ideal the following celebrations:

  • Government celebrations
  • New government celebrations
  • Ceremonial events
  • Parades
  • International celebrations
  • National celebrations
  • Competitions

BBICO provides brass instruments, woodwind instruments, bagpipes, and percussion. This means that it can supply a complete marching band, whatever the application.

Instruments available in the marching band supplies for governments

BBICO has a long standing relationship with the following leading brands:

  • Pearl
  • D’Addario
  • Evans
  • Giardinelli
  • Puresound
  • BG
  • Henri Selmer Paris
  • Conn & Selmer
  • Boosey & Hawkes
  • Premier
  • Bergerault
  • Jones

For information on other brands, contact BBICO now.

Why choose BBICO for your marching band supplies for governments?

BBICO has built a reputation for supplying quality marching band instruments all over the world. What makes it different, though?

Long standing relationships BBICO has built long standing relationships with leading instrument brands, including Selmer Paris and Boosey & Hawkes.
Range of products The range of instruments includes brass, woodwind, bagpipes, and percussion. It also supplies computer software and spare parts.
Worldwide distribution The company supplies marching band instruments all over the world, including the Middle East and Africa.
Expert knowledge An expert knowledge of the marching band industry ensures that BBICO provides a quality service.
Experience BBICO has over 30 years of international marching band experience. It has supplied marching bands to the Kenyan Youth Orchestra and to the Indian Government.
Fast The company aims to supply complete marching bands within 90 days.
Personal Staff at BBICO often visit the countries they supply to.
Service Service doesn’t finish once the order is complete. BBICO offers help with marketing, technical support, and product support.
Custom instruments The British band supplier offers customised instruments to suit each band’s needs.

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