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A modern marching band benefits from the rich history of military bagpipes

A history of military bagpipes

The history of military bagpipes goes back far beyond medieval Scotland to ancient eastern civilisations nations. Find out more from the leading supplier of military bagpipes.
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Custom marching band drums from BBICO

A guide to custom marching band instruments and equipment

Appearance plays an important role in the performance of a marching band. From marching in time to wearing the same uniform, a marching band relies heavily on the way it looks. This article highlights the importance of custom marching band instruments and uniform.
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what is a marching band

What is a marching band?

Perhaps you are an established group looking for replacement military band supplies. Or maybe you need marching band instruments for a ceremonial event and do not know where to begin your search. Whatever your situation, British Band Instrument Company will help you decide which instruments you need and will provide everything for you.
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