Simple decibel meter for accurate noise assessment

Decibel meter [Optimus+ yellow]

The Optimus+ yellow decibel meter is ideal for basic noise level assessment. The sound meter has a simple design and high-resolution colour display, allowing you to use it in any conditions. The device automatically records all noise parameters, so you always get the data you need.

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Basic decibel meter for simple noise measurement

The Optimus+ yellow uses the latest technology to deliver accurate noise measurement. The handheld device is ideal for applications that only require basic noise data, such as sound level (SPL) and maximum sound level (Lmax):

  • Simple noise level testing.
  • Noise ordinance enforcement.
  • Community noise assessments.
  • Fire and emergency alarm testing.
  • Machinery servicing and maintenance.

The decibel meter always records all noise level data, ensuring you get all the data you need, every time you use the device.

Voice recording functionality allows you to create voice memos about the weather, location or other environmental factors.

The Optimus+ yellow is Bluetooth compatible. You can control the device remotely and view the data on your phone.

You can upgrade the device to add more functionality, making it an excellent long-term investment.

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Features of the simple decibel meter

  • Simple operation.
  • Four gigabyte memory, which you can expand to 32 gigabytes.
  • 20 decibel to 140 decibel range.
  • Simultaneous recording of all noise parameters.
  • High-resolution colour display.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Available as a class one or two device.
  • Upgrade your device to add extra functions.

Four models of the Optimus+ yellow are available. Contact Cirrus Research to discuss the best decibel meter for you.

Cirrus decibel meter technical specifications

Dimensions (millimetres) 283 x 65 x 30
Weight 300 grams
Batteries 4 AA batteries
Operating temperature -10°C to +50°C
Operating humidity Up to 95% relative humidity
Language options English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. Other languages may be available on request.

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