Wireless personal sound meter measures occupational noise exposure

Wireless personal sound meter [doseBadge5]

Protect your employees from harmful occupational noise. The wireless personal sound meter uses the latest technology to deliver precise sound measurements. The doseBadge5 personal decibel meter is easy to use and wear, ensuring your workplace complies with occupational noise requirements.

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Wireless personal sound meter for easy noise measurement

The wireless personal sound meter is the fifth generation of doseBadge units from Cirrus Research. With no cables, buttons or displays, the personal decibel meter is robust, easy to use, lightweight and discrete.

Your employees can wear the device without impeding their day to day tasks, allowing you to collect sound level data and remain compliant with noise at work regulations.

The doseBadge5 personal sound meter uses the latest technology to ensure accurate noise measurement:

  • Wireless communication with the dBlink app (for Android and iOS) allows you to control and configure the sound meter remotely.
  • Timer functions allow you to start and stop recording automatically.
  • An internal microphone, with automatic calibration, ensures noise measurements are precise.
  • Download results and create easy to understand reports with NoiseTools software.

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Features and specifications of the wireless personal sound meter

Robust and simple operation:

  • Internal shock and motion sensor to detect impacts and tampering.
  • No cables or controls, ensuring simple operation.
  • Automatically start, pause and stop measurements with an inbuilt timer.
  • Internal microphone with automatic calibration.
  • Allocate doseBadge5 units to individual users to track measurements in specific areas of your workplace.

Full compliance with sound level regulations:

  • Ideal for measurements to ISO9612:2009, CFR 1910.95 and the Noise at Work Regulations.
  • Measurements in accordance with the Noise at Work Regulations with HML (C-A) for the selection of hearing protection.
  • Simultaneous measurement of OSHA(HC), OSHA(PEL), ACGIH and ISO.

Advanced noise measurement capabilities:

  • Four noise dosimeters in a single device. Full data is provided for all channels.
  • Multi-channel data logging at one second resolution per channel.
  • A, C and Z frequency weightings for RMS and peak channels.
  • Fast and slow time weightings for RMS channels.
  • User configurable ULT triggers for all channels.
  • 60dB to 140dB measurement range (143dB peak).
  • Lmax (Level and Time) and Lmin level.

Easy data download:

  • View measurements and configure the wireless personal sound meter with the dBLink app for mobile devices.
  • Wirelessly connect your device to the doseBadge5 wand to view results and configure the device.
  • Easy data download via the five dock USB charger.
  • NoiseTools software provided for data reporting and analysis.

The wireless personal sound meter helps you protect your employees and comply with occupational noise regulations.

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