Intrinsically safe sound level meter for hazardous environments

Intrinsically safe sound level meter [DoseBadge CR:110AIS]

Intrinsically safe sound level meter by Cirrus Research.

Do you need an intrinsically safe sound level meter? The DoseBadge decibel meter is easy to use, lightweight and safe for use in explosive zones.

The hazardous area sound meter has intrinsic safety certification, so you can measure occupational noise exposure in any location, like mines, chemical plants and more.

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Intrinsically safe sound level meter for explosive areas

Cirrus Research is a market leading manufacturer of intrinsically safe noise dosimeters. The DoseBadge personal sound meter is ideal for assessing the noise that your employees are exposed to.

The dosimeter has a lightweight and discrete design, making it easy for your employees to wear. It’s easy to use, has no external cables and has a robust body, making it ideal for harsh environments.

Intrinsically safe certification ensures your dosimeter is suitable for explosive areas. A 15-year warranty gives you confidence that your investment will last for many years.

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Features and benefits of the intrinsically safe sound level meter

Features Benefits
No external displays, cables or controls The dosimeter is easy to use and reliable. A simple design ensures accurate measurements.
Intrinsically safe certification

The CR-110AIS DoseBadge has ATEX, EEx, IECEx, FM, and SIMTARS certificates. The CR-112AIS DoseBadge has an MSHA certificate.

Ideal for chemical plants, factories underground mines and other explosive areas.
Robust body and 15-year warranty Your personal sound meter will last a long time, making it a great long-term investment.
NoiseTools software included Easily download your measurement data. Create easy-to-read reports to prove that your workplace complies with occupational noise regulations.
30-hour battery life and 90-minute charge time Use your dosimeter for long periods of time, without interruption.
Wide measurement range Accurately measure noise between 60 decibels and 140 decibels.

Cirrus Research plc has been manufacturing acoustic measurement devices since 1970. As the market-leaders in noise measurement, they guarantee precise, easy to use and reliable equipment.

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