Environment noise monitors and sound level solutions

Environment noise [Optimus green and TrojanLITE]

Construction sites cause environment noise pollution. Use a Cirrus sound meter to assess noise levels.

Environment noise monitoring is increasingly important. Airports, roads and power stations cause noise pollution for countless people. EU directives mean your business needs to comply with sound level regulations.

Use the sound level meters from Cirrus Research to accurately assess noise levels in your workplace.

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Causes of excess environment noise

In 1996, data from the European Union paper on ‘Future Noise Policy’ estimated that approximately 20% of people within the EU suffer from unacceptable noise levels.

That’s 80 million people who experience sleep deprivation and other health problems because of environment noise pollution.

In addition, the report identified another 170 million people living in ‘grey areas’, where noise levels cause annoyance during the daytime.

Noise levels are increasing in modern society. Airports, power stations, new roads and increased traffic levels contribute to higher noise levels for many people.

As the demand for housing has also grown, more homes are built near industrial locations and noise sources.

Because of these trends, business owners are required to measure the noise produced by their workplace.


Environment noise measurement solutions

Optimus green sound level meters

The Optimus green is the ideal solution for environmental noise monitoring.

As a handheld digital sound level meter, the device is easy to use, reliable and precise. The green sound level meter provides comprehensive acoustic measurement for any environment.

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TrojanLITE environment noise recording device

The TrojanLite noise nuisance recording device is ideal for homeowners and housing associations. The device is discrete and accurate. You can use it to measure the noise your neighbours make and produce reports that you can use as evidence.

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