Bluetooth sound level meter for all noise measurements

Bluetooth sound level meter [Optimus+ Red, Yellow and Green]

Bluetooth sound level meter being used for industrial acoustic measurement.
Bluetooth sound level meter being used for engine noise measurement.
Cirrus Research Bluetooth sound level meter being used for environmental noise measurement.

Do you need to conduct quick, easy and precise noise assessments?

A Bluetooth sound level meter is reliable, accurate and can be controlled from your phone. Three types of Optimus+ decibel meter are available: Red, Yellow and Green.

Get the ideal sound meter for environmental, industrial and basic noise assessments.

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The Bluetooth sound level meter range

Three types of Cirrus sound level meter are available (Red, Yellow and Green). Each handheld decibel meter is available as a class 1 or 2 device. All of them have Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to control the noise meter from your phone.

Optimus+ Yellow

The Optimus+ Yellow is the ideal device for basic sound level assessment:

  • Simple noise level testing.
  • Noise ordinance enforcement.
  • Community noise assessments.
  • Fire and emergency alarm testing.
  • Machinery servicing and maintenance.

The handheld noise meter accurately measures basic acoustic data, such as sound level (SPL) and maximum sound level (Lmax). The sound meter is easy to upgrade if you want to add advanced functionality, making it a great long-term investment.

Optimus+ Red

The Optimus+ Red is designed for occupational and industrial noise measurements. The device complies with OSHA HC and NC, MSHA HC and ACGIH regulations and is ideal for any workplace noise assessment:

  • General noise assessments.
  • Machinery noise tests.
  • Hearing protection assessments.
  • Community noise measurements.
  • Vehicle noise measurements.

Optimus+ Green

The Optimus+ Green is perfect for environmental and industrial noise assessments. Combine the decibel meter with an outdoor measurement kit to record data in the same place for an extended time.

Bluetooth control and remote data downloading increase the convenience of the sound meter. The device also complies with international standards (ISO 1996-2:2007), making it suitable for any application.

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Features and benefits of the Bluetooth sound level meter

  • Simple operation: An ergonomic design makes your device easy to use, even through gloves.
  • 120 decibel range: Measure sound from 20 decibels to 140 decibels. Ideal for all noise assessments.
  • Simultaneous noise measurement: The device records all noise parameters at the same time. You always record the data you need.
  • Four gigabyte memory: Store over 10,000 measurements. Expand the device’s memory to 32 gigabytes for more storage space.
  • High-resolution colour screen and backlit buttons: Use your decibel meter at night and in low light.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: Use your phone to control your Optimus+ decibel meter.
  • Voice recording functionality: Record 30 second voice notes about the location, weather and other environmental factors.

Bluetooth sound level meter technical specifications

Dimensions (millimetres) 283 x 65 x 30
Weight 300 grams
Batteries 4 AA batteries
Operating temperature -10°C to +50°C
Operating humidity Up to 95% relative humidity
Language options English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. Other languages may be available on request.

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