Acoustic measurement equipment from the leading digital sound level meter manufacturers

Optimus sound level meter range [sound level meter with calibrator]

Cirrus Optimus range
Cirrus Optimus range

Cirrus Research are leading digital sound level meter manufacturers.

Optimus is the latest generation of sound level meter. The Optimus range uses the latest technology for a guaranteed high performance. The sound level meters are designed for a variety of applications, including basic, occupational, and environmental noise measurements.

The sound level meter with calibrator can be easily upgraded at any time and comes with a 15-year warranty, which makes it an ideal investment for the future.

Each instrument is IEC 61672-1:2013 and IEC 61672-1:2002 certified, and meets the global UK, EU, OSHA, MSHA, and ACGIH standards.

The digital sound level meter manufacturers provide the following sound level meters:

Optimus yellow sound level meters This instrument is for simple noise measurement, designed for basic noise data such as fire alarm testing and machinery servicing.
Optimus red sound level meters This instrument is designed to measure more advanced occupational noise measurements.
Optimus green sound level meters The most advanced instrument designed to measure both environmental and occupational noise measurements.

The digital sound level meter manufacturers provide sound level meters for the following applications:

  • Environmental noise measurements.
  • Long term noise assessments.
  • Occupational and industrial hygiene noise evaluations.
  • Noise at work surveys and noise exposure calculations.
  • HML or Octave band methods are used to select hearing protection. Noise ordinance and community noise.
  • Fire alarm testing.
  • Maintenance and trouble-shooting.
  • Simple noise level testing.

The digital sound level meter manufacturers provide the following:

Training Cirrus Research offers a range of online courses, resources, webinars, and personalised online training to help with the Optimus range.
NoiseTools The NoiseTools software is included with some versions of the Optimus range.
Service and calibration The Cirrus Research service and calibration support will maintain the accuracy of the Optimus product throughout its lifetime.
Warranty The warranty of an Optimus product is 15 years.

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