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DoseBadge5 [personal noise dosimeter badge]

DoseBadge personal noise dosimeter badge

Cirrus Research is a leading manufacturer of personal noise dosimeter badges.

The DoseBadge5 measures how much noise a person is exposed to. This provides the user with everything they need to comply with occupational noise and industrial hygiene standards.

The Cirrus noise dosimeter uses the latest technology to guarantee quality. The DoseBadge5 does not need controls, cables, or displays. The wireless dosimeter uses Bluetooth communication. This allows the noise dosimeter to be configured or controlled wirelessly by the DoseBadge5 controller, or iOS and Android app.

The DoseBadge5 is a personal noise dosimeter badge that features everything the user needs to measure personal noise exposure. The noise dosimeter uses the latest technology to enable the user to record and measure noise quickly and effectively. The DoseBadge5 is a next generation noise dosimeter that ensures the occupational noise and industrial hygiene standards are met.

The DoseBadge5 personal noise dosimeter badge has the following features:

No controls, cables, or displays Easy to set up and use, without obstructions. This makes the measurements secure and reliable.
Bluetooth communication Uses Bluetooth to connect remotely. This means that it can be controlled with the DoseBadge5 controller, or using the Android and iOS app.
Timer functions Can be scheduled to start, stop, and pause automatically, which means that it can be deployed quickly and easily.
Effective measurements Data can be calibrated automatically or downloaded through a USB with the DoseBadge5 dock. This means that information can be downloaded quickly and effectively.
Multiple instruments Each DoseBadge5 comes with four noise dosimeters and two peak channels. Full data is available for all channels. Each instrument can be named and allocated to different individuals.
Accurate An internal shock and motion sensor to detect exterior impacts and tampering. This makes the measurement more accurate.
Downloading The Cirrus NoiseTools software is included. This allows the user to download data to a PC, tablet, or smartphone.
Wide measurement range Measures noise levels between 60dB and 140dB.
Fast Up to 5 noise dosimeters can be charged and downloaded simultaneously, which makes work quick and easy.
Guaranteed quality Takes measurements in accordance with the noise at work regulations and HML methods.

The DoseBadge5 controller and dBLink app for the personal noise dosimeter badge

The DoseBadge5 controller and dBLink app enable the noise dosimeter to be stopped and started remotely. This means that the wearer isn’t disturbed, and measurement information can be easily viewed.

The Bluetooth technology is next generation, and allows for full configuration of the DoseBadge5 without contact.

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