How to Find International Distributors

How to find international distributors [Export Worldwide]

Many companies are daunted by the question of ‘how to find international distributors’.

This is because finding distributors can be difficult. But what if you don’t have to actively search? What if the distributors find you instead?

Luckily, Export Worldwide enables international distributors to find your products and services easily, by promoting the right content in the right place and to the right audience.

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How to find international distributors

There are methods and tools you can use to find international distributors yourself, such as the following:

1.       Trade shows

2.       Government resources

3.       Trade associations

4.       Visiting other countries

5.       Assessing and using your competitors’ methods

Each approach has its advantages, and can certainly be used to benefit companies in international markets. However, they are all becoming increasingly irrelevant in the digital age. Searching for distributors and resellers using these traditional methods is time consuming, expensive, and doesn’t always guarantee the best results.

In a perfect scenario, distributors find you before you find them. This is ideal for your business for the following reasons:

  • It shows that the distributor is enthusiastic about your company
  • It shows that they are eager to do business
  • This makes it more likely that the relationship will be beneficial to you
  • It saves your company time and money
  • It proves that your products and services are in demand

Yet to make this possible, you need to be visible, attractive, and open to potential business. How can you achieve this?

Export Worldwide offers the solution to how to find international distributors easily.

The international lead generation platform acts as an online trade show on which you can advertise your products or services 365 days a year. All content on the platform is translated and localised into 20 languages, making it understandable and relatable worldwide. Experts in international SEO conduct research into your company and its competitors to ensure your products or services are promoted on a global scale. This means that potential international distributors can find your business wherever they look.  

Ensure they can find you so you don’t need to find them. Join Export Worldwide.

How to find international distributors with Export Worldwide

The international lead generation platform uses the following key methods and tools to ensure your business can be found by international distributors:

Feature Benefit
International keyword research Research is conducted into your products and services to enable us to understand more about your products or services. The result is a selection of keywords that ensure your company is easily found by the right international distributors
Competitor analysis Research is conducted into your competitors. This enables us to understand how we can improve your content. It also ensures we can beat the competition
Unique content Expert writers create product pages and articles to advertise your products or services
Hybrid translation The written content is translated into 20 languages using a hybrid translation method. This utilizes the benefits of machine and human translation to ensure the multilingual content is accurate and affordable. These 20 languages are spoken in 110 countries and by 84 percent of the world trade market
Localisation The translations are edited after the cultural differences between languages have been considered
International SEO Experts in global SEO edit the translations to ensure the content is optimised with the correct international keywords. This makes your content visible on the international distributor’s local search engine, meaning it can be found globally
Online marketplace The published product pages and articles are advertised on ExportWorldwide 365 days a year. This enables international distributors to contact you anytime

The question of ‘how to find international distributors’ sounds like a complex one, but it doesn’t have to be.

Export Worldwide makes promoting your business worldwide simple. It’s an online B2B marketplace on which you can advertise your company anytime, anywhere, and to anyone. It’s the ideal solution to finding international distributors.

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