Luxury car cover for indoor and outdoor locations

Luxury car cover [Auto-Storm, Auto-Pyjama, and PermaBag]

The luxury car cover range includes indoor and outdoor covers to protect your vehicle from bad weather, scratches, dust and condensation. Your car or motorbike stays in pristine condition wherever you store it.

Choose the best premium car cover for you: Auto-Storm® outdoor covers, Auto-Pyjama® indoor covers or a PermaBag® airtight car capsule.

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Auto-Storm® luxury car cover for outdoor locations

Auto-Storm car covers allow you to store your car or motorbike in any weather.

Eight Auto-Storm covers are available. Each cover uses a multilayer design to keep your car clean and dry. A weatherproof top layer provides protection from rain, hail, ultraviolet radiation and more. A soft inner layer prevents scratches. The whole cover is highly breathable, which protects your car from moisture.

Choose the best luxury car cover for you:

  • Classic: For semi-outdoor protection in a carport.
  • Aqua: Waterproof protection for very wet weather.
  • Aqua-UV: Waterproof cover with added ultraviolet protection.
  • UV: For hot, dry locations. Protects paint and interior from heat damage.
  • Hail: Has a padded, heavy-duty top cover for protection against hail.
  • Transport: For protecting a car during transport on a trailer.
  • Snow: Protects a car from snow and ice.
  • Half cover: Covers the top half of a car. Ideal for soft-top convertibles and for quick and easy roof protection.

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Auto-Pyjama® breathable indoor car cover

An Auto-pyjama luxury car cover protects your vehicle in garages, car parks and storage units. Four covers are available. Each of the soft, breathable covers protect your car from scratches, moisture, air pollution and dust. Your car stays in pristine condition.

Choose the best Auto-Pyjama cover for you:

  • Cotton: Provides the highest quality protection for luxury cars and motorbikes. Made from 100 percent thick cotton and has a five-year guarantee.
  • Satin: Light and compact for easy handling and storage. 100 percent polyester with a soft fleece lining. Available in eight colours.
  • Extra: 35 percent cotton and 65 percent polyester. Soft, light and breathable.
  • Cover-light: Provides low cost indoor protection for your car or motorbike. Made from a single layer of microfibre.

Auto-Pyjama indoor car covers are hand tailored and contoured to the shape of your car. All Auto-Pyjama covers have strong double-stitched seams, robust elastic hems, eyelets for tie-down security and a matching carry bag. The cover is easy to store and lasts for many years, making it a great investment.

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PermaBag® luxury car cover for long-term vehicle storage

The PermaBag professional car cover allows you to safely store your car for long periods of time.

PermaBag is easy to use. Simply unzip the bag, drive your car in, pull the cover over the roof, and close the airtight zipper. PermaBag ensures your car comes out exactly as it went in—no rust, dust or moisture.

PermaBag is available for indoor and outdoor locations. The outdoor version includes an internal cover for paint protection and a weatherproof top cover for protection from wind, rain, hail and ultraviolet light.

A reusable desiccant pack (PermaPack®) removes moisture from the cover. Remove the desiccant pack from the bag and put it in your oven to recharge it. You can use the same PermaPack for up to six years.

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