PCAP foil for an engaging outdoor touch screen kiosk

Outdoor touch screen kiosk [15” - 85” Touchfoil]

An outdoor touch screen kiosk with a cow in the background
A VisualPlanet outdoor touch screen kiosk being used by a father and son
An outdoor touch screen kiosk for ticketing
An image showing how to assemble a PCAP outdoor touch screen kiosk
The VisualPlanet Touchfoil being being used for an outdoor touch screen kiosk

A projected capacitive (PCAP) touch foil is ideal for an outdoor touch screen kiosk.

VisualPlanet’s TouchfoilTM is suitable for use in all weather and locations. The PCAP foil works through thick glass, so the screen is protected. You can use the screen when wearing gloves, making it ideal for use in winter.

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Outdoor touch screen kiosk for public environments

PCAP interactive foils laminate to the back of a glass screen to convert it into a touch-sensitive surface. PCAP foils are ideal for touch screen kiosks for a number of reasons:

  • PCAP foils work through thick glass: Glass can be 10 millimetres thick to protect the LCD screen from accidental and deliberate damage. Foils are ideal for vandal-proof touch screens in public areas.
  • VisualPlanet’s foils are tested in heavy rain and extreme temperatures: VisualPlanet’s TouchfoilTM can be used with enclosures rated up to IP68. The foil works reliably in wet weather and in temperatures from -10°C to +60°C. Your outdoor touch screen kiosk will work reliably all year, delivering the maximum return on investment.
  • PCAP foils work through gloved hands: People can use a PCAP touch screen in winter. You benefit from maximum use of the outdoor touch screen kiosk in all weather.
  • VisualPlanet’s products allow you to create unique displays: VisualPlanet manufactures PCAP sensors in bespoke shapes and sizes. VisualPlanet works with leading glass manufacturers to supply flat and curved glass. You can create distinctive and attractive touch screen displays that encourage maximum user engagement.

VisualPlanet is the originator of the PCAP foil format and creator of the TouchfoilTM. The company has 15 years’ experience creating PCAP sensors and has worked with customers like Adidas, BMW and Samsung. VisualPlanet provides excellent customer support and a two-year warranty on its products.

PCAP interactive foils are ideal for all types of outdoor touch screen kiosk:

  • Wayfinding
  • Public information
  • Transport timetables
  • Payment machines
  • Interactive retail displays

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PCAP touch foil technical specifications

Detection method Projected Capacitive using a 10-micrometre copper sensing array.

15 to 85 inches (larger available on request).

Glass thickness 2 millimetres to 10 millimetres. Glass thicker than 10 millimetres is available on request.
Number of touches

Multi-touch: 32 as standard. Up to 40 available on request.

Dual touch: 2.
Speed of response 6 to 8 milliseconds.
Controller board USB controller board. Specification depends on size of foil.
Operational temperature range

-10°C to +60°C.

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