Anti-Glare Totem Digital Signage ideal for outdoor advertising

Anti-Glare Totem Digital Signage [PDS-55-TO-P-US-H-HB]

Anti-glare totem digital signage main image
Anti-glare totem digital signage with door open
Anti-glare totem digital signage in-situ on a street

Showcasing Armagard’s 55" Anti-Glare Totem Digital Signage Unit which is capable of achieving screen brightness between 2,000 & 5,000 NITS, The Anti-Glare Totem Digital Signage Unit overcomes visibility problems caused by harsh lighting all the while integrating a high-bright screen which features anti-glare technology, which refracts both powerful sunlight and industrial lights.

Product information

With this unit, you won’t miss the chance to reach a customer outdoors, as your advertising remains unimpaired by glare. Perfect for positioning in high-footfall locations, the Anti-Glare Totem Digital Signage system is designed to invite audience interaction. Advertise your product or service with no visibility worries. Stimulate customer interest, develop brand awareness, increase sales, & raise revenue with the Anti-Glare Totem Digital Signage system.

Benefits & Suitable Locations of the Anti-glare totem digital signage

Benefits of buying:

  • Remains fully operational in temperatures up to 104°F, without the need to purchase a separate air conditioning (AC) unit. Save money immediately by not buying extra equipment.
  • Eliminates expensive repair costs for outdoor digital signage damaged by constant exposure to sunlight. Investing in an anti-glare display unit saves you money long term.
  • Reduces the risk of sunlight causing ‘out-of-action’ signage, which results in revenue loss & brand damage.
  • Requires minimal maintenance and advertises year-round without the hassle of constant check-ups.
  • Puts an end to costly screen replacements. Sun absorption destroys the LCD crystals contained in screens, causing ‘black spots’ or total outage. Our Anti-Glare Totem Digital Signage system encloses the screen, protecting those crystals and preventing highly-visible damage.

Ideal Locations for the Anti-Glare Totem Digital Signage Unit:

  • Public spaces, including parks and tourist attractions
  • Schools and university campuses
  • Countries with hot climates
  • Transport hubs

Further Features of product

As well as safeguarding outdoor digital signage against sunlight, the 55" anti-glare totem digital signage unit has a number of theft prevention features. The enclosure also protects against outdoor elements, other than sunlight, and can withstand forceful impacts.

Your High Bright Screen Display Is Protected Against:

  • Heavy rainfall
  • Dust and dirt
  • Electrical surges
  • Physical impact

Peace of Mind When You Buy Armagard’s Anti-Glare Totem Digital Signage Unit:

  • Five-year warranty coverage on all mechanical parts
  • Fast delivery of the fully-assembled sign, ready to install
  • Product backing from specialist, sales, & support staff
  • High-quality engineering

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