Stainless Steel PC Enclosure

Stainless Steel PC Enclosure [SENC-800-UK]

Stainless steel pc enclosure
Stainless steel pc enclosure
Stainless steel pc enclosure
Stainless steel pc enclosure
Stainless steel pc enclosure

The stainless steel PC enclosure allows you to use a computer and a 19 inch screen in wet and hygienic environments. The enclosure has an IP65 rating, so you can wash it easily, and the PC is protected from water, dust, physical impact and theft. The enclosure is ideal for food manufacturing, laboratories and medical environments.

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Stainless steel PC enclosure: reliable and hygienic

The cabinet has an IP65 rating to provide reliable waterproof protection for your PC. The enclosure has filter fans for ventilation, and surge protection which protects the PC from electrical spikes. As such, the PC operates reliably in a range of conditions, which reduces breakdowns and repair costs, and ensures that the PC will have a long life. The stainless steel PC enclosure offers an excellent return on investment. 

The waterproof enclosure is made from stainless steel which is antibacterial and corrosion resistant. It is ideal for use in the food industry. Also, the enclosure can be easily washed, which makes it ideal for locations that must be kept clean, such as laboratories and medical environments.

Stainless steel PC enclosure: user-friendly and secure

The enclosure accommodates most models of PC and screens up to 19 inches. You can choose the best computer system for your needs, or save money by using a PC you already own. The enclosure features a large rear door, which allows you to access the back of the PC easily and quickly.

You can mount the PC enclosure on a worktop or a stand, so that your employees can work in the most convenient position. The cabinet has a sliding, lockable keyboard tray, so you can use a normal keyboard and mouse.

You can add lock options which protect the PC from theft, so you can be confident that your PC will always be secure.

The stainless steel PC enclosure is ideal for:

  • Food and drink manufacturing
  • Laboratories
  • Medical environments
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Wet areas

Technical specifications quick view

Dimensions (mm) 670 high x 600 wide x 630 deep
Material Food grade stainless steel (316)
Screen size Up to 19 inches
Mount Worktop or stand
IP rating IP65
Product code SENC-800-UK

Features and benefits of the stainless steel PC enclosure



Manufactured from 316 stainless steel – IP65

The pc enclosure ensures that the PC and screen are fully protected, which reduces maintenance, breakdowns, and repair costs.

Fits most computers and TFT/LCD monitors (up to 19 inches)

Save money by using a computer you already own.

Water repellent

You can easily wash the enclosure, so your production line is kept clean.

Surge protection

Equipment is protected from electrical spikes, which ensures the longevity of components.

Internal fan

An internal fan maintains a stable temperature, which extends the computer’s lifespan and reduces breakdowns and repair costs.

Optional heating and air-conditioning

Optional heating and air conditioning extend the operating temperature range, so you can use the workstation in hot and cold environments.

Flexible mounting

You can mount the enclosure on a wall or on a stand, so your employees can work in the most user-friendly position.

Sliding keyboard tray and rear door

You can use a normal keyboard and mouse. The enclosure has a large rear door which allows easy access to the rear of the PC.
Secure Lock options protect the computer and keyboard from theft.

 Armagard guarantees

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