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Digital outdoor menu boards [PDS-47-W-P-UK]

Armagard digital outdoor menu boards
Armagard digital outdoor menu boards

Armagard is a leading manufacturer of digital outdoor menu boards.

The menu boards are an ideal way of advertising your restaurant menu outdoors. They are reliable and robust, protecting them from heavy rainfall, dust, and physical impact.

The digital signage can change between breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus at the click of a button. Changing menus has never been easier.

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Digital outdoor menu boards

Harsh weather conditions make printed menu boards unsuitable for the outdoors. They can be damaged by rain, stolen, and broken.

Armagard has the solution.

The Armagard outdoor menu boards are designed to cope with outdoor conditions. They are protected against:

  • Light or heavy rainfall
  • Dust and other small particles
  • Electrical surges
  • Physical impact
  • Temperature extremes
  • Theft

This makes outdoor digital signage ideal for the following industries and locations:

  • Restaurants
  • Cinemas
  • University campuses
  • Transport hubs

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Features of the digital outdoor menu boards

Feature Benefit
Reliable and robust It can be used anywhere, in any weather condition. It also means the units are low maintenance, making them cost-effective.
Customisable Upload any kind of menu at the click of a button. Swiftly change between breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Changing your menu has never been easier.
Remote capabilities Change the menu board remotely when the signage is connected to Wi-Fi or ethernet.
Lasts for years A huge return on investment, and a cost-effective way of advertising your menus.
Upgradable Don’t miss out when new technologies appear. Upgrade your unit to stay current.
Waterproof You can advertise your menus in the rain, which is important during the winter months.
Can deal with temperature extremes The outdoor menus are suitable for any month in the year, including a hot summer and freezing winter.
Shatterproof The signage is protected from damage from accidents or vandalism.
Meets European IP and International NEMA standards Guarantees quality with every unit.

Specifications of the digital outdoor menu boards

The outdoor digital signage has the following specifications:

  • Height: 1400mm
  • Width: 750mm
  • Depth: 232.2mm
  • Material: powder coated mild steel
  • Screen size: 47 inches
  • Mounting: wall mounted, bolted
  • IP rating: IP54/IP56 (NEMA 4)

Armagard offers the following with each digital menu board:

  • A 5 year warranty on all mechanical parts
  • A 12 month warranty on electrical parts
  • Friendly and helpful support, free
  • High quality engineering
  • Over 14 years of industry experience

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