7 reasons to choose a PC enclosure system instead of an industrial computer

Armagard PC enclosure

Industrial PC enclosure accommodates 24 inch monitors, and can be fitted with a keyboard. shelf, a sliding keyboard tray or an integrated membrane keyboard.

7 benefits of a PC enclosure system

Time efficient

Installing a PC enclosure provides the following benefits:

  • You can use your current computer
  • No disruption to work
  • Removes the hassle of disposing of computer equipment

Installing an industrial enclosure, however, will require removal of your current computer network, installing new equipment, and testing new equipment.

Saves money

  • Cost effective: Traditionally, industrial computers are more expensive than PC enclosures. In some instances, industrial computers can cost 50 percent more than an enclosure
  • Long-term: The life span of an enclosure is longer than that of an industrial computer, providing you with a better return on investment
  • Additional cost: The PC enclosure does not have any installation costs
Armagard PC enclosure

PENC 300 industrial PC enclosure.

Provides advanced protection

The enclosure provides:

  • Protection against dust, dirt, oil, grease and water: manufactured using high quality material
  • Protection against physical impact, tampering, vandalism and theft: can be bolted to the floor or wall
  • Protection in explosive environments: Armagard can provide ATEX approved enclosures
  • European Ingress Protection (IP) and International NEMA standards: determines the level of protection the enclosure provides

Compared to industrial computers, PC enclosures can protect computers at low cost.

Armagard PC enclosure

Computer protection for explosive environment. PC enclosure for ATEX zone 2.

Convenient to use in extreme temperatures

PC enclosures provides two distinct advantages that an industrial computer cannot.

  • Timely repairs: Industrial computers can operate in extreme temperatures. But, if the heating or cooling system fails, the computer would need to be replaced or repaired. However, a PC enclosure can be quickly repaired on-site
  • Customised: An enclosure can be customised as required. For example, an Armagard industrial enclosure can ensure computer equipment is operating at full capacity, in temperatures as low as -30°C

More options

PC enclosures have a wider range of variety and ability to customise compared to industrial computers. PC enclosures offer the following choices:

  • Wide range of enclosures: Armagard has 14 different PC enclosures in their industrial range. This ensures that all computer types and sizes are safe in industrial environments
  • Multipurpose: An enclosure provides more options than an industrial computer. Enclosures can protect PC towers, monitors, keyboards, mice, and touch screens
  • Custom made: Enclosures can be made to suit the requirements of your industrial facility and computer operations. A range of materials are available including: powder coated mild steel, and food grade stainless steel (316). Additionally, a heating or cooling system can be included to accommodate for extreme temperatures
Touchscreen PC enclosure

IP54 PC enclosure with integrated touch screen monitor.

Low maintenance

Unlike an industrial computer, repairs and upgrades to PC enclosures can be performed in minutes, in the industrial facility itself.

This means that:

  • There are no disruptions to work
  • Maintenance is quick, easy and simple


A PC enclosure can potentially be used to protect more than one computer. When an industrial computer fails, beyond repair, it requires replacement. But, when a normal computer fails or gets upgraded, the enclosure can simply be used for another computer. Potentially, a PC enclosure can protect multiple generations of equipment.

The overall benefits of a PC enclosure surpass those of an industrial computer. PC enclosures are cost efficient, and last longer than industrial computers. This results in a better return on investment.

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Installing a PC enclosure (or many) provides many benefits.

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