Drive Thru Outdoor Digital Signage

Drive Thru outdoor digital signage from Armagard

Drive Thru outdoor digital signage improves the look and speed of your Drive Thru.

The first Drive Thru opened in America in 1947. Today, however, they can be found in towns and cities all over the world. What was once an American phenomenon, is now a familiar convenience to us all.

Drive Thrus are increasingly using digital signage. Digital signage brings Drive Thrus into the 21st century and improves the customer experience by providing more attractive menus and special promotions.

Drive Thru outdoor digital signage by Armagard

Outdoor digital signage enhances the customer experience.

Drive Thru digital signage protection

Drive Thru digital signage is usually installed in outdoor locations. As a result, the screens require complete protection. Outdoor digital signage is different to a normal advertising screen in several ways.

Outdoor digital signage is weatherproof

Even the driest locations experience some rain, and a little bit of water will permanently damage a digital screen. Consequently, your signage must be guaranteed waterproof in all locations.

Dust is also a problem for digital screens. Dust and sand, which are blown by the wind, can do a lot of damage to electrical components. Outdoor digital screens must be fully sealed against airborne particulates to prevent damage.

Outdoor digital signage is protected from impact

Bad weather is not the only problem for outdoor digital signage. Outdoor screens are at risk from vandalism, especially if the Drive Thru is closed at night. Also, Drive Thru screens can suffer from accidental damage and physical force, because they are placed so close to moving cars.

This means that digital signage needs to be rugged enough to withstand accidental or deliberate impacts. The best solution to this problem is solid steel LCD enclosures, which provide the protection that screens require from physical damage.


Outdoor digital signage LCD enclosure from Armagard

Steel LCD enclosures protect your outdoor signage from rain, dust and physical damage.

LCD enclosures can also provide complete protection from rain and dust, which ensures that the digital screen has a long life.

More Drive Thrus are using outdoor digital signage, so expect to see more LCD enclosures protecting screens in these vulnerable locations.

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