Cost-effective outdoor TV cabinet for home and business use

outdoor TV cabinet by Armagard

Outdoor TV cabinet in situ.

Standard TV

One of the advantages of using an outdoor TV cabinet is that in enables you to take the standard TV outside. This feature enables you to save money by eliminating the need to buy a specialised TV.

The TV cabinets have a universal internal mounting system, which is compatible with almost all types of TVs (standard, plasma or LCD). This allows you to choose a TV of your preference.


Your outdoor TV cabinet will protect your TV from the following:

  • Weather – rain, snow, sleet
  • Theft and vandalism – can be locked and attached to a wall
  • Extreme temperatures – has internal fans to maintain stable temperature inside the cabinet

Return on Investment

You can easily remove, replace or upgrade your TV as needed. The TV cabinet can protect generations of TVs, which means that the outdoor TV cabinet can be used again even when your TV eventually fails. You can upgrade or replace your TV with ease and watch your favourite show in the backyard.

The long lifespan and convenience of the TV cabinet ensures a high return on your investment.