Wall mounted outdoor TV cabinets | Ideal for home and work

Wall mounted outdoor TV cabinets from Armagard

A wall mounted TV cabinet protects a TV from rain, dust, dirt and physical damage.

In the past, TVs used to be big, heavy and were used only at home. However, TVs have become thinner and lighter in the last 15 years. TVs are now used in lots of locations: shopping centres, public areas, bus and train stations and more. TVs are used in these places for different purposes, like advertising, information and outdoor entertainment.

Using a TV in these ways is great! However, using a TV outside is not always easy. An outdoor TV needs to work in hot and cold weather and be protected from rain, dust and dirt. Any outdoor TV also needs protection from accidental damage, vandalism and theft.

To solve these problems, many companies are using wall mounted outdoor TV cabinets.

Outdoor protection

Wall mounted outdoor TV cabinets need to provide complete protection, so that you can use an ordinary TV outside.

First, a TV cabinet needs to protect the TV from the weather. This includes rain and wind blown dust, but the cabinet must also protect the TV from hot and cold temperatures. In the summer, it is important that the screen doesn’t overheat. In the winter, the TV components must be prevented from freezing.

Second, a wall mounted outdoor TV cabinet must provide physical protection. Outside TVs are an obvious target for theft. A wall mounted cabinet prevents theft by using strengthened brackets that bolt to exterior walls. This means that the cabinet cannot be removed from the wall. Additionally, the cabinet is lockable so that thieves cannot access the TV.

Third, wall mounted TV cabinets need to be strong enough to withstand physical impact. Impact might be accidental, like a football in a garden, or they might be deliberate vandalism. Either way, you should choose an outdoor TV cabinet which is made from steel and has a shatterproof window.

Wall mounted outdoor TV cabinets for businesses

Wall mounted outdoor TV cabinets can be used safely in public places.

Outdoor TV cabinets for your business

You can use wall mounted outdoor TV cabinets anywhere. Many businesses use them for advertising. This can be in-store, on the street or in the shop window. Many outdoor TV cabinets can protect a media player as well as a TV.

Outdoor TV cabinets are also common at bus and train stations and airports. They allow you to use a TV to display information which can be easily and quickly updated.

Another common use for TV cabinets is in pub and bar gardens. Outdoor TV cabinets are ideal for showing sports. Also, more people sit outdoors at bars now so they can smoke. This means that outdoor TVs are even more popular and are certain to attract customers.

Wall mounted outdoor TV cabinets for your home

An outdoor TV cabinet is the perfect luxury for your garden.

An outdoor TV cabinet for your home

An outdoor TV cabinet is a great way of entertaining your family and friends in your garden. You can watch your favourite TV show in the summer sun, watch sports when having a barbeque or install a TV in your pool or jacuzzi area. A wall mounted outdoor TV cabinet is the perfect luxury for your garden.

Outdoor TV cabinets are available to fit almost any size of TV from most manufacturers. Find out more by viewing the full range of Armagard products now.