Outdoor Digital Screen Protection

outdoor digital screen protection from Armagard

LCD screen enclosures allow you to use digital screens outdoors.

Outdoor digital signage is a popular advertising tool which attracts customers and engages passers-by. As well as being great for advertising, outdoor digital signage is also used by lots of industries in different locations for a variety of reasons:

  • Menus
  • City maps
  • Digital posters
  • Public information
  • Bus and train stations

However, to use a TV outside you need to protect it from rain, dust and physical damage. There are two outdoor digital screen protection options available:

  • A specific outdoor TV screen
  • A standard TV in an LCD enclosure

Outdoor TV Screens

A specific outdoor TV screen is a simple solution. An outdoor TV will have a level of inherent outdoor digital screen protection. Outdoor TVs are waterproof and often have high-bright screens, so you can use them in all weathers and in bright sunlight. However, outdoor TVs are expensive and vulnerable to vandalism. Outdoor TVs often need to be protected by an enclosure to be safe from accidental or deliberate damage.

Outdoor digital screen protection from Armagard

LCD enclosures fit TVs from most manufacturers.

LCD Screen Enclosures

An LCD enclosure is an effective and cost-effective method of outdoor digital screen protection. LCD enclosures enable you to place an ordinary TV inside the enclosure so you can use it outside. Enclosures like this are waterproof and dustproof, and often contain heating or air conditioning, so you can use your TV in any environment. Additionally, steel LCD enclosures protect your TV from theft, accidental damage and vandalism.

Importantly, the cost of an LCD enclosure and a normal TV together is far lower than the cost of an outdoor TV.

When you buy an LCD enclosure, make sure that it is rated to international standards, either IP or NEMA, and that it’s equipped with cooling fans.

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