LCD enclosure – protects your outdoor TV against weather, theft and vandalism

Waterproof LCD enclosure

Waterproof LCD enclosure by Armagard.

Television is going through a revolution. The old CRT screens are now gone, instead TVs are manufactured using LCD, LED or Plasma technology. These are often thinner and cheaper.

How TVs receive a signal has changed, too.  Almost all TVs now receive digital transmissions and not terrestrial analogue signals. Moreover, HD TV offers better resolution and picture quality.

Meanwhile, the way we watch television has altered. Netflix and recordable programmes enable us to watch TV when and how we want to.

Where we choose to watch TV is changing too. It is now easy to install a TV outdoors for entertainment, as the cost of a TV screen is low.

Using a LCD TV in outdoor locations has its own problems. Standard commercial televisions are not built to be waterproof. Therefore, placing a standard TV outside without protection is not safe. The repair cost can be quite high, especially if it gets soaked in the rain. Furthermore, leaving a TV outside can be dangerous as it might tempt thieves and vandals. All of these factors need to be taken into account to ensure appropriate protection for your LCD TV.

Fortunately, a cost-effective solution exists: LCD enclosures. An Outdoor TV enclosure protects standard TV screens and is water resistant. The enclosure is built from powder coated mild steel and shatterproof windows. It can also be locked safely. This ensures it is safe from thieves and vandals.

Simply place your standard TV inside the enclosure, mount the enclosure on the wall or ceiling, plug in the speakers, and your outdoor TV system is ready.