New 80” TV Screen Protector – Hassle Free TV Protection for Pre-Existing Displays

TV screen protector in a nursing home

A TV screen protector is ideal for public buildings, nursing homes, schools, doctor's surgeries and more.

Do you already have an 80” TV fitted to the wall of a hospital ward or the games room of a youth centre?

Worried about accidental damage or vandalism? Invest in the unique, 80” indoor TV screen protector and avert the threat of damage.

This cost-effective, easy to install unit simply slots over your pre-existing display, without the need to remove it from the wall. It is an incredible time saver & saves you money too.

Additionally, the TV screen protector will last for up to 10 years or more. It’s possible that it could outlast your current TV, but you can use it again, giving you superb value for money.

Delivered fully assembled, ready for installation, it is secured using a bracket that’s fitted around your TV.

It comes complete with a five-year warranty for added peace of mind and if your TV is not covered for accidental damage, vandalism or theft, this unit can protect the warranty of your screen. It really is a solution that protects, in more ways than one.

Benefits of installation include:

  • Reduced financial loss due to accidental damage, vandalism or theft
  • Protection of your TV’s warranty
  • Extended TV lifespan
TV screen protector in situ by Armagard

A TV screen protector keeps your TV safe from vandalism, accidental damage and theft.

What does the TV screen protector do?

It’s specifically designed to safeguard 80” [or below] TVs used in busy indoor locations, protecting them from the very real threat of damage.

Where pre-existing displays are installed, in places like hospitals, youth facilities, transport hubs, schools and similar indoor facilities, the TV screen protector shields against heavy impact, vandalism and theft.

Design strengths

Manufactured using powder coated mild steel, the TV screen protector is a highly secure shield requiring key access, preventing tampering from unauthorised persons. It features a polycarbonate viewing window that is 10 times stronger than glass.

Its simple, but robust design, provides complete protection for both the front and sides of any 80” [or below] screen, regardless of the make and model.

How does the TV screen protector work?

The powder coated mild steel frame and the polycarbonate viewing screen combine to form a defensive shield. The bracket supplied with the unit is fixed to a wall allowing you to secure the unit over your TV, encasing it to form a completely protective barrier.

Where there’s a daily hype of activity in public areas the TV screen protector serves to prevent damage from heavy impact.

It’s easy to clean with standard cleaning products and requires very little maintenance. It’s a superb alternative to our LCD enclosure if your TV is already secured to a wall.

Outdoor LCD enclosure from Armagard

If you need to use a TV outside, then consider an outdoor LCD enclosure for complete weather protection.

Where’s the value?

Investment in a TV screen protector pays off long-term. If your TV is exposed in public spaces the potential for damage is heightened. Damage leads to repair or replacement costs, the potential for your TV’s warranty to be made null and void, loss as a result of your TV being out-of-action.

With a TV shield in place, the potential for financial loss or downtime is significantly reduced.

Think of it like this:

You buy a smartphone, you buy a protective case.

You buy a shed, you get a lock.

You buy a car, you have an alarm fitted.

If you’re using a TV in a public space, shouldn’t the same principle apply?

The value of the TV screen protector is in the peace of mind that its protection brings.

What is its unique selling point?

Ease of installation & convenience:

  • Eliminates the need to remove your existing TV from the wall
  • Comes fully assembled, complete with fixing bracket, ready for installation
  • Fits over any 80” [or below] TV, regardless of make or model

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