Outdoor Screens are Protected with LCD Enclosures

outdoor screens

The Armagard LCD enclosure protects screens from the risk of outdoors damage.

Outdoor screens are becoming more and more popular. LCD TVs are found in pub gardens and other outside areas. People are also installing outdoor screens in their gardens.

However, there are many issues with using a TV outdoors.

For example, bad weather is damaging to TVs. In circumstances when outdoor TVs are subject to rain, it’s important that you have an outdoor TV enclosure to protect your LCD screen.

The weather isn’t the only thing that can damage outdoor screens, either. Outdoor TVs are also subject to theft and vandalism. LCD enclosures ensure that your outdoor TV remains safe and secure from these issues.

outdoor screens

An Armagard LCD enclosure in action.

An LCD screen enclosure is made from powder coated, mild steel, making it robust and rugged. It has a shatter-proof screen, which protects it from potential damage.

Outdoor TV enclosures also have multiple options for mounting, meaning you can personalise how you view it.

Once the screen is mounted, locks are fitted to ensure the outdoor screens are safe and secure, wherever they’re placed.

Whether you’re protecting your outdoor screens from the weather, theft, or vandalism, an LCD enclosure is essential. They ensure your LCD screen remains unharmed. This reduces the risk of damage to your LCD TV, making an enclosure the most cost-effective and time-saving option.

Armagard is a leading manufacturer of LCD enclosures.

Contact us now to discuss LCD enclosure protection for your outdoor screens!

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