All Year LCD Weather Protection with an Outdoor Television Cabinet

Outdoor television cabinet from Armagard

An outdoor television cabinet provides protection from water, dust, extreme temperatures and physical impact.

Whether it is for outdoor digital signage, outdoor information screens or installing a TV in the backyard or rear of a bar for entertaining customers, any screen used outside will need to be protected from the elements. The difficulty with weather protection for outdoor TVs is that different locations have different demands for using an outdoor TV.

In some locations where it is wet and cold, the screen will need protecting from moisture, while in hot and dry locations the screen will need to be kept cool and protected from windblown dust. Other locations may be exceptionally cold, requiring the outdoor TV to be kept warm. In some areas, the seasonal swing can mean the screen is at risk of overheating in the summer, freezing in the winter, becoming wet from rain and becoming damaged through windblown dust, which is why the flexibility of an outdoor television cabinet provides the perfect solution for almost any location.


An outdoor television cabinet will keep all the harmful weather elements away from the enclosed TV. Rain, snow and hail, can all lead to permanent failure of the LCD or plasma screen, so the outdoor television cabinet is designed to prevent any ingress of these elements. Outdoor television cabinets are built to NEMA standards (National Electrical Manufacturers Association), which ensure that the enclosure is fit for use in outdoor areas. The common NEMA standard for all outdoor television cabinets is NEMA 4, which provides adequate protection against the weather.

Armagard's environmental testing chamber for outdoor television cabinets

Armagard’s outdoor television cabinets are freezer tested down to -30°c.

Temperature Control

Unfortunately, NEMA ratings make no provision against the various temperatures an outdoor television may face. In some locations, overheating can be a problem, which means an outdoor television cabinet has to have internal cooling systems to prevent the screen form getting too hot. While in other locations, the opposite problem occurs and cold temperatures can lead to the television’s components from freezing. This means that the outdoor television cabinet has to have some form of insulation or even heaters to maintain a minimum internal temperature.

However, in some locations, the seasonal swing may mean that both overheating and freezing are a problem throughout different periods of the year. The great advantage of outdoor television cabinets is that they are customizable to the location, so can be designed to operate in all sorts of conditions and extremes.

An open Armagard outdoor television cabinet

Armagard outdoor television cabinets fit flat screen TVs from most manufacturers.

Physical Protection

Another form of protection that is offered by outdoor television cabinets is physical security against both theft and vandalism. This too is an essential aspect of using a television outdoors, especially in unsupervised and public locations. The solid steel construction enables the outdoor television cabinet to withstand even the most tenacious thieves or vandals, while the shatterproof screen protects the face of the television from severe impacts.

Outdoor television cabinets offer the most comprehensive and customizable form of protection for operating televisions outdoors in all sorts of environments. From snowy and freezing areas to hot, arid and humid locations, the outdoor television cabinet will keep a TV screen operating in any location throughout the year, regardless of the conditions. And because the outdoor television cabinet houses standard TV systems, it offers and excellent return on investment as the enclosed TV can be replaced at the end of its life, and the next generation of screen can enjoy the same level of outdoor protection.