Outdoor TV enclosure – How to protect your outdoor TV display

Armagard outdoor TV enclosure

An Armagard outdoor TV enclosure protects your TV from damage.

Outdoor TV enclosure specialists, Armagard, present 5 reasons why you should protect your outdoor TV display.

Can An Indoor TV Be Used Outside?

Yes! However, you should be aware of the risks of installing a TV outside, unprotected. Your outdoor TV requires protection and here are 5 reasons why…

1. The weather… The biggest ‘killer’ of unprotected outdoor TV displays. Rain, sun, sleet, snow, ice, hail and strong winds are perhaps the primary reason why you should invest in outdoor TV protection.

You would be pretty frustrated if your outdoor TV stopped working due to water damage, overheating or a cracked screen. So, why take the risk?

It’s not just damage to your outdoor TV that can occur as a result of the weather, safety hazards can occur.

For instance, water damage from rain, sleet, snow or ice could lead to an electrical malfunction, which could start a fire.

You can avoid such hazards with a number of weather-resistant, outdoor TV enclosure solutions.

For example, the Armagard LCD enclosure range provides all-year-round, weather resistant protection. Any enclosure from the range can safeguard against rain, sunlight and sub-zero temperatures.

Armagard outdoor TV enclosure

Armagard Enclosures Protect In Temperatures As Low As -30 degrees.

2. Theft… There’s nothing worse than investing in an expensive outdoor TV only to discover that it has been stolen.

Therefore, theft prevention should be high on your list of factors for investing in outdoor TV enclosure protection.

Your outdoor TV screen has value that’s why, if left unprotected, thieves will seize the opportunity to steal it.

You can prevent this from happening by protecting your outdoor LCD or Plasma TV screen with an enclosure, for example, the Armagard LCD enclosure.

Able to accommodate outdoor TV screens between 24” and 72”, this premium product features a number of security devices installed to deter thieves.

3. Vandalism… In the year ending September 2013, the number of crimes involving vandalism across England and Wales exceeded 500,000 (source: Office for National Statistics). This statistic emphasises the problem of vandalism and the threat it carries towards your outdoor TV display.

Therefore, you need to invest in an outdoor TV enclosure because the cost implications are much lower than paying repair or replacement expenses.

Buying an outdoor TV cabinet offers more than protection for your display, it protects your finances.

4. Save money & prevent hassle… Weather damage, theft and vandalism affecting your outdoor TV screen results in two things – losing money and wasting time! Where are time and money lost if your outdoor TV display is damaged or stolen?

  • Engineer call out charges
  • Labour charges for repair
  • Police statements
  • Longs calls with your insurance company
  • Waiting for insurance money or a replacement product
  • Investment in a new outdoor TV display if you have no insurance

Simply buying an outdoor TV enclosure, such as those provided by award-winning Armagard, means you never have to worry about weather damage, theft, vandalism, financial loss or hassle again.

5. Improve the lifespan of your outdoor TV… The value of investing in an outdoor TV enclosure will be revealed year-after-year. Maintaining the functionality of an outdoor TV display over a long period of time will prove to be extremely beneficial to your finances.

If left exposed, it’s only a matter of time before your outdoor TV display suffers weather damage or becomes a target for vandalism and theft.

Therefore, it pays to purchase a protective enclosure unit simply because it will save you money and provides everything you need to operate a TV in an outdoor environment.

Are you looking at your exposed, outdoor TV right now? Then consider who else might be looking at it with ulterior motives. Act now before it’s too late!

How To Protect Your Outdoor TV Screen 

A combination of solid construction, weather resistant features and various security devices make Armagard outdoor TV enclosures the premium product of choice for outdoor TV protection.

You can choose from new and classic design enclosure concepts that are proven to deliver safe and effective results, providing an excellent standard of protection and security for outdoor TV displays.

Our most popular outdoor TV enclosure solutions are found in our PDS range. Click PDS Series now to view the range – PDS Series.

outdoor TV enclosure

The Popular PDS 42 Outdoor TV Enclosure.

Choose Your Ideal Outdoor TV Enclosure Today…

Armagard outdoor TV enclosures are delivered fully assembled, are easy to install and ready for immediate use.

We offer a FREE enclosure suitability assessment for your location and the opportunity to visit us on site, in Birmingham, UK to witness the Armagard manufacturing process. We even provide a custom-built enclosure service.

We’re the elite name in our industry, trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands to provide products suited to their requirements.