PC enclosures – Dustproof computer solutions

Armagard provides dustproof PC enclosures

PENC 300: Industrial PC enclosure.

Dust is one of the main reasons for early failure of a computer. Therefore, it is important to protect your PC in dusty environments. This is not always easy to do, especially when the computer is used in industrial areas. Unlike regular offices, industrial areas generate and have a large quantity of dust.

Packaging areas and dispatch zones also contain large quantities of dust in the atmosphere, which could cause your computers to fail very quickly, your printers to get blocked, and your monitors to explode.

Although dustproof computers are useful, they have certain disadvantages, like:

  • Tedious repairs and upgrades: Industrial computers are intrinsically sealed to protect the computers from moisture and dust. This causes repairs and upgrades to be tedious, as service engineers would need to be called or the machine would need to be sent back. This leads to unnecessary disruption and delays in work
  • Outdated technology: Industrial computers are built with basic compatible technology, which although reliable, is outdated and in some cases obsolete

Fortunately, there is a simple solution: Dustproof industrial computer enclosures. PC enclosures can protect computers, monitors, and/or printers. The enclosure protects your equipment even in the dustiest environment.

Most of these industrial PC enclosures and printer enclosures are manufactured to European or International standards. The enclosure offers computers and printers protection to enable them to operate at full capacity, even in dusty environments.