Computer Cabinets A IP54 Computer Enclosure for Harsh Environments

Computer Cabinets [PC-CP01]

Computer Cabinets - PC-CP01
computer cabinets internal view of enclosure

Computer cabinets

Our high security computer cabinets are designed to protect computers and servers in hostile environments from theft, vandalism and accidental damage. Manufactured from IP54 powder coated mild steel, the PC-CP01 is dustproof and also protects against water splashes, dirt, grease, heavy impacts, vandalism and theft.

With high security locks, the PC-CPO1 computer cabinets is a robust, solid computer safe and enclosure used throughout Europe by industrial and manufacturing companies looking for a high security IP 54 solution.

Features & Benefits

With seven lever lock mechanism and solid and robust IP54 mild steel design, the PC-CP01 has an internal fan for air circulation and comes complete with surge protected four way mains block to allow operation whilst secured.

Feature Benefit
Manufactured from powder coated mild-steel Dust, dirt and splash-proof making it ideal for indoor applications
Surge protected four way mains distribution Prevents damage to enclosed equipment from 'spikes' of electricity and extends lifespan
Internal fan(s) Maintain a stable, uniform internal temperature reducing strain on all enclosed components and extending life span
Heater & air-conditioning modules These optional extras allow the installation of this unit at extremes of temperature ranging from -5°C to +40°C
Seven Lever Locks Highly secure locking mechanism allows installation in areas where abuse or theft or vandalism is a concern
Water repellent seals Fitted as standard to the door to prevent damage to the enclosed equipment by ingress of liquids

Specifications & Guarantees:

Don't run the risk of production downtime or hardware failure due to cheap imitations. Armagard Computer cabinets are not just enclosures - they are a dedicated 'micro-environment' for your computer equipment.

Height: 585mm
Width: 330mm
Depth: 595mm
IP rating: IP54
Product Code: PC-CP01


We guarantee:
5 Year Warranty of all mechanical parts
Fast delivery
Informed and helpful staff
High quality engineering
Over 14 years of industry experience

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