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The range of dust-proof enclosures from the leading industrial enclosure manufacturer.
Waterproof computer enclosures from the leading industrial enclosure manufacturer.
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Choose the leading industrial enclosure manufacturer. Armagard enclosures protect £6 billion worth of production equipment in over 50 countries, giving the company a worldwide reputation you can count on.

Benefit from over 25 years’ experience, industry-leading warranties and lifetime customer support.

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Robust computer protection from the leading industrial enclosure manufacturer

Choose from a range of enclosures for PCs, printers and touch screens. Armagard is the only industrial enclosure manufacturer to use patentable technology to maintain waterproofing and temperature control. Your computer equipment operates reliably in extreme temperatures, wet environments and industrial locations.

Boost employee productivity by using Armagard enclosures to protect computer equipment in any harsh environment:

  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Production lines
  • Workshops
  • Washdown locations
  • Food manufacturing

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A worldwide customer base of famous brands

As a European industrial enclosure manufacturer, with offices in the USA, Armgard has helped countless worldwide brands protect computer equipment in harsh environments, including:

  • Nestle
  • BP Chemicals
  • Ford
  • Asda
  • Del Monte
  • GlaxoSmithKline

By choosing Armagard, you benefit from industry-leading expertise, lifetime technical support and market-leading warranties. Over 87% of customers reorder, so you can be confident that your computer enclosures will operate reliably for many years.

Why choose Armagard?

Over 25 years of experience Benefit from the expertise Armagard has gained producing computer enclosures for the food manufacturing, chemical, automotive and aerospace industries.
Enclosures installed in over 50 countries As the leading industrial enclosure manufacturer, Armagard has a worldwide reputation for quality that you can trust.
Enclosures for any application Choose from mild-steel or stainless-steel enclosures for PCs, printers and touch screens in any harsh environment.
Bespoke solutions available Do you have unique requirements? Contact Armagard to discuss a custom enclosure that meets your needs.
Industry-leading innovation Armagard uses innovative technology to create enclosures that operate in extreme temperatures and in wet and dusty environments. Use computer equipment in any location with confidence in its longevity and reliability.
Free quotations and advice Contact Armagard to receive a free quote for the best solution for you.
Five-year warranty on mechanical parts and one to five-year warranty on electrical components Be confident that your industrial enclosure will operate reliably for many years, generating maximum return on investment.

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