Industrial PC Cabinet for dusty working environments

Industrial PC Cabinet [PENC-300-UK]

Industrial PC Cabinet with Keyboard Tray
Industrial PC Cabinet with Keyboard Tray open view
Industrial PC Cabinet with integrated Keyboard

Armagard’s Industrial PC Cabinet is ideal for the use in an industrial working environment as it protects Thinclient PC’s and up to 17“ TFT monitors from dirt, dust, grime, collisions or splash water.

This purpose build enclosure unit is IP54 rated, manufactured from powder coated mild steel and protects your PC equipment very efficiently in your harsh working environments. The Industrial PC Cabinet can be fitted with different keyboard options and can either be mounted directly onto the wall or on an optional stand.

Armagard's Industrial PC Cabinet

This compact and IP54 rated industrial PC cabinet is used by many manufacturing and industrial companies with challenging environments across Europe. The PENC-300 is a space saving dust proof computer enclosure and is also capable of protecting the enclosed hardware from water splashes, dust, oil, grease, physical impact and theft.

Ideal for:

  • Dusty or Dirty Areas
  • Industrial areas
  • Factory floors
  • Workshops

At a glance (size excluding keyboard):

Size (HxWxD)mm: 630 x 490 x 265

Material: Powder Coated Mild Steel

Screen Size:  Up to 17" TFT monitor

Keyboard/mouse: Tray or Integrated

Mounting: Wall or stand

IP rating: IP54

Product Code: PENC-300-UK

Features & Benefits

Feature Benefit
IP54 rated IP54 rating means the effective protection from dust, dirt, grime, collisions and splash water
Manufactured from powder coated mild-steel Rugged and durable material, protects your computer equipment from dust, dirt or splash water as well as collisions
Shatterproof polycarbonate Window Polycarbonate is 10x stronger than glass and therefore extremely effective whn it comes to protecting your PC equipment from heavy machinery
Universal VESA mount The internal VESA Standard mounting bracket allows a wide range of TFT monitors to be installed
Surge protected four way mains distribution Prevents damage to enclosed equipment from 'spikes' of electricity and extends lifespan
Multiple Mounting options The enclosure can either be mounted directly onto the wall or on an optional stand
Internal fan Maintain a stable, uniform internal temperature, reducing strain on all enclosed components and extending life span
Optional Heater Modules These optional extras allow the installation of this unit in lower operating temperatures
Multiple Keyboard options

This unit can be ordered with a keyboard tray in combination with a seperate dustproof keyboard or with an integrated keyboard


Height: 630mm
Width 490mm
Depth: 265mm
IP rating: IP54
Product Code: PENC-300-UK

We guarantee:

  • 5 years warranty on all mechanical parts
  • 1 year guarantee on all electrical parts
  • High quality engineering
  • Informed and helpful staff

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