Outdoor Digital Signage

Outdoor digital Signage [PDS-47-TO-P]

Outdoor digital signage from Armagard
Outdoor digital signage front on view
Outdoor digital signage from Armagard

Armagard’s outdoor digital signage is a cost-effective and attractive alternative to static signage, which must be frequently reprinted. The IP56 steel display protects a 47 inch screen from rain, physical impact and theft. The anti-reflective window means that your advert will be displayed well in any weather.

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Outdoor digital signage for outdoor locations

When using a digital display, you can change your advert quickly and easily. Therefore an outdoor digital display is more versatile and efficient than printed posters, which are expensive to reprint and take a long time to change.

The digital display is free standing. You can position it in the most effective location for you.

The digital display enclosure is made from powder coated mild steel, and rated to IP56. The screen is protected from rain, dirt, dust, vandalism and theft. Consequently it will have a long life and offer an excellent return on investment.

Armagard digital signage has advanced environmental controls. This enables the screen to operate in ideal conditions. Features include a thermostat, internal heaters, fans and insulation. This reduces breakdowns and the cost of maintenance, and ensures that the screen and components have a long life.

The screen supplied with the enclosure has high bright display of at least 2000 NITS, and the window is made from anti-reflective glass. Your advert will be readable in bright sunlight and effective at generating interest and income in any weather.

The outdoor digital signage is ideal for:

  • Public Areas
  • Car parks
  • Public information points
  • Shop fronts
  • Restaurant fronts
  • University campuses
  • Shopping centres
  • Bus and train stations

All you need to do is install your own media player. Then you can start advertising immediately.

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Technical specifications quick view

Dimensions (HxWxD) mm 1828 × 750 × 232
Material Powder coated mild steel
Screen size 46-47 inches
Mounting Bolted, free standing
IP rating IP56
Product code PDS-47-TO-P

Features and benefits of outdoor digital signage

Features Benefits
Powder coated mild steel enclosure - IP56 The enclosure reduces breakdowns and maintenance costs, and ensures that the screen has a long life. This makes the outdoor signage an excellent investment
Universal VESA mounts You can mount 47 inch screens from most manufacturers and save money by using a screen you already have.
Anti-reflective window Your advert will be visible in bright sunlight, so it will always attract customers.
Environmental control board, internal heating, insulation and fans A control board manages the temperature inside the enclosure. The screen and components will have a long lifespan, which saves you money.
Surge protected Protection from electrical spikes protects the screen from damage.
Secure Protects from vandalism and theft. You can be confident that your investment is safe.

Armagard guarantees the outdoor digital signage

  • 5 Year warranty on all mechanical parts
  • Fast delivery
  • Informed and helpful staff
  • High quality engineering
  • Over 14 years of industry experience
  • Excellent product support

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