PC enclosure to protect computers in harsh environments

PC enclosure [PENC-800-UK]

The Armagard 19 inch PC enclosure protects from liquid, dust, oil, physical impact and theft. The enclosure is made from steel, has a polycarbonate window and is rated to IP54. The enclosure is ideal for industrial environments and factories.

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A PC enclosure for industrial environments

Armagard enclosures are strong, reliable and fully tested. This guarantees that your enclosure will be the highest quality. The PC enclosure can also be customised according to your needs. You can mount it on a stand or surface, and can fit a shelf for a keyboard and mouse. Heating and air conditioning can also be fitted for hot and cold environments. This means you are guaranteed to find the right enclosure for your business.

Industries around the world trust Armagard to protect computer equipment in the following locations:

  • Dusty or dirty workplaces
  • Industrial environments
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Hot and cold environments

Features and benefits of the PC enclosure

Feature Benefit
Made from powder coated mild-steel Protects against dust, dirt, oil, grease, physical impact, theft and liquid splashes.
Durable polycarbonate window A strong window protects the computer monitor from damage.
Universal VESA mount A strong window protects the computer monitor from damage.
Fits most computers and CRT or TFT/LCD monitors (up to 19inches). Save money by using your own PC.
Water repellent seals rated to IP54 Your PC will be safe from liquid damage. You can easily wash the PC enclosure.
Surge protected Equipment is protected from electrical spikes.
Internal fans Fans maintain a stable internal temperature, which extends the life of the PC.
Optional heating and air-conditioning You can use your PC in temperatures from -5°C to +40°C.
Easily mounted The enclosure can be easily mounted on a worktop or stand. This means you can use it standing up or sitting down.
Customisable You can add a shelf for keyboard and mouse.
Lockable Locks can be added to protect against vandalism or theft.

Technical specifications of the PC enclosure

  • Dimensions: 670 mm(H) × 600mm(W) × 630mm(D)
  • Material: Powder coat mild steel
  • Keyboard/mouse: Tray
  • Screen size:  Up to 19inch CRT or LCD
  • Mounting:  Surface or stand
  • IP rating: IP54

The PC enclosure is guaranteed by Armagard

  • 5 year warranty on mechanical parts
  • Fast delivery
  • Informed and helpful staff
  • Ongoing customer Service
  • High quality engineering
  • Over 14 years of industry experience

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