Industrial computer workstation to protect your PC and accessories

Industrial computer workstation [PENC-500]

The Armagard industrial computer workstation allows you to use a PC with a 24 inch monitor in wet and dirty conditions. The enclosure is protected against dust, grease, liquid, physical impact and theft. The industrial workplace is not a problem for an Armagard computer workstation.

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The industrial computer workstation is ideal for dirty environments

The industrial computer workstation is manufactured from powder coated mild steel, and is rated to IP54/56/65 standards for protection from dust and liquids. You can choose to add a water resistant keyboard for maximum protection.

The industrial computer cabinet has filter fans, ventilation, and surge protection to protect the PC. The computer and its components operate in ideal conditions, which reduces breakdowns and the cost of maintenance, and ensures that the PC has a long life. Also, the cabinet lasts for at least ten years and offers an excellent return on investment.

The industrial computer workstation is ideal for:

  • Dusty or dirty areas
  • Factories
  • Industrial areas
  • Production lines
  • Warehouses

The best industrial computer workstation for your needs

You can customise the computer cabinet so it suits your requirements.

  • The workstation can accommodate computers and screens from most manufacturers. Therefore you can use the best computer system for your needs.
  • The workstation can be mounted on a wall or stand and can be positioned in the most convenient location for your employees.
  • You can add a keyboard shelf, a sliding keyboard tray, or an integrated membrane keyboard and mouse touch pad.
  • There are four models of the industrial computer workstation available. Choose the best model for your workplace.

Technical Specifications Quick View

Dimensions (HxWxD) mm 686 x 690 x 305
Material Powder coated mild steel
Screen size Up to 24”
Keyboard/mouse Shelf, sliding tray or integrated membrane keyboard and mouse
IP rating IP54/55/65
Product code PENC-500/503/510/513-UK

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Features and benefits of the industrial computer workstation

Features Benefits
Manufactured from powder coated mild steel with a strong polycarbonate window The industrial computer workstation ensures that the PC and screen are fully protected, which reduces breakdowns and repair costs.
Fits most computers and TFT/LCD monitors (up to 24") Save money by using a computer you already own.
Water repellent You can easily wash the enclosure.
Surge protection Equipment is protected from electrical spikes, which ensures the longevity of components.
Environmental control Internal fans and ventilation maintain a stable temperature, which extends the computer’s lifespan.
Optional heating and air-conditioning Optional heating and air conditioning extend the operating temperature range. The workstation can be used in hot and cold environments.
Flexible mounting The enclosure can be mounted on a wall or on a stand for easy accessibility.
Customisable Choose the best keyboard and mouse option for your needs: a fixed shelf, sliding tray or integrated IP54 keyboard and mouse touchpad.
Lockable/secure Two key operated locks protect the computer from tampering and theft.

Armagard Guarantee:

  • 5 year warranty of all mechanical parts
  • 1 year warranty on electrical parts
  • Fast delivery
  • Informed and helpful sales staff
  • High quality engineering
  • Over 14 years of industry experience
  • Excellent customer service

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