Sunlight readable digital signage for effective outdoor signs

digital signage [PDS-72-TO-P-HB]

Outdoor signage is an effective way of engaging the public and generating income. Armagard sunlight readable digital signage uses high bright screens and anti-glare technology to ensure that your advert or information is readable and protected in any weather.

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Sunlight readable digital signage for outdoor spaces

Armagard’s Sunlight readable digital signage works in temperatures up to 50°C. The enclosure protects the screen from water, dirt, physical damage and theft. You can rely on it in any weather, and in any environment. It is suitable for:

  • Drive Thru
  • Public spaces such as parks and tourist attractions
  • University campuses
  • Countries with hot climates
  • Bus and train stations

Features and benefits of sunlight readable digital signage


Armagard enclosures protect the screen from damage caused by sunlight. The screen has a long lifespan and you save money.

Operates up to 50°C.

You do not need to buy extra air conditioners, which means you save money and can use it in hot weather immediately.

Reliable Sunlight readable digital signage prevents screen black-out caused by sun exposure. This means that you won’t lose customers due to faulty signage.
Durable Your screen is protected. The enclosure protects against rain, dust, dirt, electrical surges, physical impact and theft.
Easy to maintain Armagard digital signage requires minimal maintenance.
Customisable You can add more features that improve the screen’s protection against sunlight.

Sunlight readable digital signage technical specifications

  • Size (H×W×D) mm: 2270 × 1300 × 263
  • Material: Powder coated mild steel
  • Screen size: 72 inch
  • Mounting: Bolted/freestanding
  • IP rating: IP56/ MENA 4
  • Screen brightness: 2,000 – 5,000 NITS
  • Product code: PDS-72-TO-P-HB

Armagard guarantees its sunlight readable digital signage

  • 5 year warranty on mechanical parts
  • Fast delivery and fully assembled
  • Ongoing customer support
  • High quality engineering
  • Over 14 years of industry experience

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