Digital poster simplifies advertisements

Digital signage [AMV20A1G, AMV32A1G]

The digital poster by Armagard is a cost-effective solution for simplified advertising.

The digital poster is ideal for all advertising requirements. The digital signage replaces your paper posters and its associated costs, boosts brand identity and maintains a consistent and modern look.

The digital display features a built-in media player. The player can play digital videos, audio, and pictures. This eliminates the need for a PC or a separate media player. The digital display can be used immediately as no additional hardware is required.

The digital poster is ideal for the following locations

  • Shopping centres
  • Restaurants
  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Supermarkets
  • Hotels

 The digital signage is supplied with a wall mount, enabling the signage to be ready for use immediately at no additional cost.  

Digital posters with bigger screens are available as a floor standing unit. Contact us now for more information.

Features and benefits

Features Benefits
Complete solution The digital poster saves money by eliminating the need to buy an additional PC or media player.

The digital signage comes with its own protection, which is more durable than any other option. The digital signage is suitable for playing long advertisements.

Powerful playlist editor

The built-in media player features a playlist editor that can manage the start time, duration and visual effects.

Easy to update Advertisements can be updated easily, by copying the relevant files to the memory card.
Easy to install A wall mount is supplied at no extra cost.
Theft protection The memory card/USB port is protected from being stolen in public areas.
Powerful timer The digital display automatically switches the player on and off every day at pre-set times.

Armagard guarantees

  • ü 5-year warranty on all mechanical parts.
  • ü Fast delivery.
  • ü Informed and helpful staff.
  • ü High quality
  • ü Over 14 years of industry experience.

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