Waterproof computer cabinet can be washed in the factory

Waterproof computer cabinet [SENC-700-UK]

The waterproof computer cabinet is manufactured from food grade stainless steel.  The cabinet protects PCs and screens up to 19 inches from water, dust, grease and damage. The cabinet features a slimline design. The waterproof computer cabinet can be fitted with a keyboard shelf, heating controls and has multiple mounting options.

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A waterproof computer cabinet for wet and clean environments

The waterproof computer cabinet ensures that your computer is protected, and that your production line is uncontaminated. The cabinet is used by leading food companies across Europe. Armagard’s computer cabinet is ideal for any situation in which hygiene is important or equipment is washed.

The waterproof computer cabinet is ideal for the following locations:

  • Food manufacture
  • Pharmaceutical applications
  • Medical applications
  • Laboratory applications
  • Wet environments

Features and benefits of the waterproof computer cabinet

Feature Benefit
Food grade (316) stainless steel The stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and has antibacterial properties. It is easy to clean and safe for food production.
Durable polycarbonate window

Your screen and production line are protected.

Water repellent

Computers are sealed in tight and protected from any water damage. This feature allows you to wash the cabinet.

Universal VESA mount

The cabinet fits screens from most manufacturers, so you save money.

Fits most slim-line desktop or tower PCs and LCD monitors (up to 19") Save money by using your own PC.
Easily mounted You can easily mount the cabinet on a wall or a stand.
Internal fans Fans maintain a stable temperature and protect your computer.
Optional heating and air conditioning You can use it in temperatures ranging from -5°C to +40°C.
Optional keyboard shelf

You benefit from functionality of a keyboard and mouse.


Lock options protect your PC from vandalism and theft.

Waterproof computer cabinet technical specifications

  • Size (H×W×D) mm: 750 × 610 × 300
  • Material: 316 Stainless steel
  • Screen size: Up to 19inch TFT LCD
  • Keyboard/mouse: Integrated or tray
  • Mounting: Wall or stand
  • IP rating: IP56
  • Product code: SENC-700-UK

The waterproof computer cabinet is guaranteed by Armagard

  • 5 year warranty on all mechanical parts
  • Fast delivery
  • Customer support
  • High quality engineering
  • Over 14 years of industry experience

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