Steel toe boot socks to support your feet

Blueguard socks [Steel toe boot socks]

Steel toe cap boots demand tough socks.

That’s why Blueguard steel toe boot socks are the toughest on the market, lasting over 46 times longer than standard sports socks. The durable socks are guaranteed to last a lifetime, so we’ll replace them if any holes appear.

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Blueguard steel toe boot socks: protection for your feet

Made with arch support, full cushion, and extended heel, Blueguard durable socks ensure your feet are protected and supported during long days of wearing steel toe cap boots.

Your feet will always be comfortable with comfort fit and a cotton rich body. You can wear Blueguard socks all day, every day, without feeling the effects of steel toe cap boots.

Long filament polymers bound together mean your socks won’t wear away. You don’t have to worry about the damage to your feet caused by holes in socks – wear your comfortable socks with peace of mind.

Blueguard steel toe boot socks: long-lasting

Blueguard socks are tested to British Standards EN 13770:3002 to last for 925,000 continuous washing cycles – 46 times longer than a branded sports sock.

Each pair comes with a lifetime guarantee. If any holes appear, we’ll replace your pair free of charge. You can wear your socks to work day in, day out, without worrying about wearing holes in them.

You save the time and money it costs to throw away old pairs of socks and buy brand news pairs.

Comparing Blueguard steel toe boot socks with other brands

  • Branded sport sock: 20,000 cycles
  • Cotton dress sock: 26,000 cycles
  • Retail work sock: 35,000 cycles
  • Trade workwear sock: 40,000 cycles
  • Branded construction sock: 55,000 cycles
  • Branded dun safety sock: 65,000 cycles
  • Branded Gio boot sock: 75,000 cycles
  • Branded cooper sock: 77,000 cycles
  • Branded heavy sock: 148,000 cycles
  • Branded Kevlar sock: 260,000 cycles
  • Branded tough sock: 580,000 cycles
  • Blueguard sock: 925,000 cycles

Blueguard steel toe boot socks specifications

Available in:

  • UK sizes 4-8, 6-8 ½, 9-11, and 12-14
  • Navy and blue or black and blue
  • Men’s and Women’s
  • Free standing displays holding 72 pairs


  • 63% cotton, 32% polyamide, 4% polypropylene, 1% elastane


  • Machine washable at 40°C

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